Fish Games

Fish and overall ocean-based games are among the favorites of the players. As one of the pioneers in the business, River Monster is also providing you with exciting fish games. After you get familiar with our rich gaming content and exciting features of those games, you will definitely prioritize fish games over other types. Let us first explain the philosophy and types of fish games; then, we can finally introduce you to our fabulous games.

    Fish Arcade vs. Fish Slots

    These are two significant types of fish games that most people confuse with each other. They have totally different gameplay, but one thing is for sure, the level of entertainment in both categories is exceptionally high. So, what are the arcade fish games? Arcade fish games got popular in land-based platforms, mainly in discos, restaurants, and casinos. After the burst of fame, the online casinos acquired those games too and worked on to make a better product in comparison with their land-based companions. In those games, the primary mission for a player is to hit the fishes and to earn coins. Sounds pretty simple, right? It is not that simple because of the rules.

    The challenging part of these games is to aim in the right direction and foresee the possibilities regarding the swimming direction of the fishes. If you can guess right, then you will hit the fish and earn coins which are increasing as you continue the hunt. The deposits are not working like in regular casino games. Instead, in arcade fishes, you pay for your bullets beforehand and take your money back as you successfully kill the fishes. You can get considerable rewards by playing those games. They are thrilling to experience for every online gambler that is fond of casino gaming. The other type of fish game that we offer in River Monster app is the fish slots, so let’s briefly explain them too.

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    What are the fish games?


    Fish slot games are regular slots that are mainly centralized upon sea creatures, marine life, oceans, and more. In River Monster, you will find a variety of games that are classified as fish slots. In these games, the main priority for winning is lining up the same symbols on the same reels. There are other factors that are affecting the results of these games, such as scatters, wilds, gamble features, multipliers, and such things that can ultimately increase your chances of winning. Fish slots became famous as the video slot games took over the online gambling industry.

    The hi-tech advancements in the industry made it possible for players to enjoy the latest casino games on various devices and platforms. The technologies like 3D and VR made these types of games very famous and more entertaining from the player’s standpoint. River Monster provides you with the latest fish and sweepstakes games. For those of you who wonder, what are those fish games? Keep reading because we came to that part. Let’s find out the most popular River Monster games that you can play through our app.

    Wild Shark

    For those of you who think that they are brave enough to dive into the ocean full of sharks and rescue the crown jewels in the underwater, then it is time to show doubters what you are made of. When you enter the world of mystic will sharks, you will understand that the great reward only comes with the obsolete danger. If you survive in the world ocean that is full of sharks, you will earn the prizes that will compensate for your intense gameplay.

    Wild shark is exciting and entertaining online slots that come with lots of great prizes. You can earn those prizes by snatching up the wild creatures of the ocean on the reels.

    The major symbols in the game include Clownfish, Dories, Angel Fish, Giant Turtle, Puffer Fish, and of course, the wild white shark. Besides the wonderful sea ocean creatures that are waiting for you on the reels, the game offers bonus rounds such as Bonus spin, extra round, and more. You need to tune in as soon as possible in order not to miss the fun.


    Shark Infested Waters


    The main theme of the game is perfectly fitted with the name tag as it portrays the blue ocean in the background. You will witness various colorful sea creatures in different shapes and sizes. While exploring the undersea world, keep an eye on the wild shark as they tend to scare other little fishes whenever they appear on the win line. Do not let the look of the shark scare you because that symbol can solely change the dynamic of the game and help you to earn more cash.

    Toothy Treasure

    The Wild Shark by River Monster is one of those fish games that allows players to win instantly as soon as they start the game. For instance, let’s say that you got the seashell combination in the first spin, then your reward will be around 1000 coins. As soon as the start fish and clownfish appears on the reels, that amount will go up to 2000 coins. Puffer Fish combination will bring you around 5000 coins while the Angelfish can get you 10 000.

    The most generous prize will come as you can find the jeweled Crowns throughout the game, which will add 50 000 coins to your balance. The game offers a mystery card feature too. By guessing the color of the card, you can double up the rewards. Keep in mind that, you can only activate the mystery card feature after winning spins.


    Columbus Deluxe


    Columbus Deluxe is another fun slot that you can find in our gaming library. The main storyline and the theme of the slot are about one of the most famous overseas voyages that changed the history of the world, which is Columbus’s passage to the East Indies. On the voyage, Columbus found the North American content and unlimited riches on the land as well. By playing the Columbus Deluxe, you will have a chance to do the same and conquer the most attractive rewards on your way out.

    What is unique about the game?

    In Columbus Deluxe, you will face various exciting adventures while playing. The game offers the whooping amount of three scatter symbols, a gamble option, free spin chances, and extremely efficient wilds. The most important thing that players love about the game is that it has low to medium variance. Which means, you will never wait for hours until the first win. The minimum and maximum wagering amounts are 20 cents and 100 dollars accordingly. You can either play the only selected paylines or put your money on any one of those ten winning paylines.


    How to Win?


    The value of the symbols differs in the game. For instance, the most valuable symbol, as you may guess, is Christopher Columbus. If you can line up 5 Columbus symbols on any winning payline, you will win around 50.000 coins. Queen Isabella is another valuable symbol which can get you around 10.000 coins. The scatters in the game are inspired by the names of Columbus’s ships. They are Santa, Maria, Pinta, and Nina.

    These scatters serve to trigger the extra bonus rounds in which you will have a chance to get the free spins. Another way of winning high stakes in the game is through the gamble feature. This feature is very simple yet so exciting. To activate the gamble feature, you need to win one round and then pick the color of the mysterious card. If you can guess the color (Black or Red) right, the amount which you won till that round will ultimately double up.

    Lord of the Ocean Slot

    Lord of the Ocean is another slot game by River Monster that will catch your attention at first glance. The game offers five reels and ten winning pay lines for players. The aquatic theme of the slot brings back the real lord of the ocean and Greek God Poseidon to life. The classic feel with modern features is what you will get from this amazing slot game.


    Symbols in the Fish Games

    On every reel, you will meet various characters such as Poseidon, Jewel-encrusted Amulets, Mermaids, Treasure Chests, and the Gate. Besides those high-value symbols, there are regular ones too, which are depicted as poker value cards, including 10, Jack, Queen, Kind, and the Ace.

    50.000 Jackpot

    While you play the maximum bet, which is 100 coins and can put five Poseidon figures in one line, you will be granted the top payout of the game, which is 50.000 coins. Besides this feature, the main symbol Poseidon is also a replacement for other symbols. While being a wild symbol on regular gameplay, you can substitute any other symbol besides the gate with Poseidon and form winning combinations.

    Neptune’s Abyss


    The main graphics of the game features a whimsical undersea view. You will get a peaceful ambiance through the bright blue background that the reels are placed on and the calm background music. The game is a little bit different than other fish games because instead of showing off flora and fauna of the undersea world, this slot is mainly focused on displaying the darker side of those places where the underwater adventure and treasures are leaking out of your screen.