Aladdin’s Lamp

Most of us have heard the story of Aladdin, who chased his dreams and went from peasant to Sultan through the journey. Without the magical lamp and Genie, Aladdin would not be able to pull it off, and it is no coincidence that they inspire this slot. If you would like to be a part of this fairy tale and in addition to earn money while discovering the story, you need to play Aladdin’s Lamp.

Aladdin’s Lamp

Interface and Gameplay

As you might guess, the game’s interface describes ancient Arabia with the largest deserts and the magnificent palace of the Sultan. Like the Aladdin in the cartoon, you will enter the game as a financially insufficient person and possibly leave it as Sultan with the help of bonuses and reward opportunities that this slot machine offers. The gameplay of the slot is typical. It consists of five reels, four rows, and ten pay lines. The pay lines allow you to hit on a variety of combinations as they are designed to capture both vertical and horizontal lines.

Start the Journey to Find The Hidden Treasures

You never know what will come up to your way while playing Aladdin’s Lamp. This casino game is unpredictable, and vast payout possibilities increase the excitement even more. Double or nothing feature of the game is one of those opportunities. It is like an ordinary gamble feature of the slots. However, as you play, you will see the differences. Instead of picking the colors, you will have a variety of choices. While you press the risk button in the game, you will head to the treasure room. There will be a vender and guard at each side. You will get a chance to see the first card, and then, the game will present you with other hidden cards from which you need to choose the one that has a higher value than the exposed card. It is fun and definitely worth trying for wins; you will double the initial amount.


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