Baby Octopus

Have you ever had a chance to dive deep into the ocean and explore the underwater world? Probably not. Though, do not worry because Baby Octopus is right here to help you with that. The unusual theme of the game will take you to the oceans' underworld and put you in a storyline for searching the hidden treasures. You will be fascinated by the images on the reels. You will see multiple types of sea creatures, anchors, treasure chests, hammerhead sharks, and the main actor-octopus. The game is so efficient because it provides you with 243 various winning combinations.

Baby Octopus

Interface and Sounds

Do you have the guts for going down to the underworld and fight against the scary octopuses? If the answer is yes, then go ahead and check this game out. Besides the thrilling story, the unique animation and visual effects of the Baby Octopus will blow your mind. It is a very effective game for gaining more credits because of the number of high paying icons.

The storyline starts with seeing an abounded ship that surrounds with rocks and aqua plants. It perfectly matches the whole theme of the game. Once you push the spin button, the scene changes, and the plain view will come to life while fishes start to appear on the screen. In addition to these, sound effects play a crucial role in this fish game. The sound effects will help you to relax and focus on your gameplay.


Baby Octopus offers five reels and five rows while having an above-average number of 25 winning pay lines . Players will have a chance to deposit a minimum of 0.1 dollars and a maximum of 1 dollar per every line. The game offer autoplay mode, which allows you to sit back, relax, and watch the reels spin while you earn great rewards.


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