Crab King

Crab King gives you the chance to dive into the ocean and hunt for undersea creatures. The marvelous adventure is backed up with vibrant graphics, fast, interactive gameplay, and amazing sound effects. Crab King delivers all these qualities in one whole package and provides opportunities for players who love to utilize their strategies, sleight of hand, and quick thinking abilities to overcome obstacles in online gambling games. Most popular characters in the game are: Drill Crab: Provides you with missiles that are great for hunting local crabs Missile Crab: One of the most fan-favorite characters of the game because of its abilities.  By shooting this one, you will earn multipliers up to 5x. Golden Crab Treasure Box: If you are the player that loves surprises, this character will blow your mind. By opening the treasure box, you will have a chance to earn multiple bonuses and free coins. Golden Crab King: It is another effective character that can provide you with percentage-based bonuses. Bomb Shark: By hitting this fish, you will create an explosion that will result in extra points.

Crab King

How to Play the Crab King?

Just like any other arcade-style fish game , you need to aim at fishes and hit them for earning points. The points vary for every fish depending on their status, importance in the game, size, and swimming speed. Points are adjusted, and you can get from 10 to 1000 credits during this crab hunt. Skill and co-ordinations should go hand in hand with this game to become successful.

Who is the Boss Character of the Game?

The boss character in the Crab King is Lobster. The features of this character are to create a massacre as soon as it gets killed. This will result in the death of many fishes which will help you to accumulate over 200 times more prizes.


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