God of Fortune

If you’re familiar with GamePlay Interactive, you’ll realize that they create astonishing graphics. And God of Fortune is not an exception. There’s a cheerful deity that presides over the casino game, which leaves you no choice but to have a great deal of luck.
The game's theme instantly transports you to China and surrounds you with traditional symbols and immersive Asian soundtracks. God of Fortune is both luxurious and relaxing, featuring the colors that China associates with - gold and red.
In the symbols, you’ll discover a dragon scroll, fireworks, Chinese lantern, a golden hat, a fan, including the God of Fortune himself! If you look at it, there are fewer casino games where a god will talk to you. And that’s what you’ll find in the God of Fortune. Now and then, the divine being, who is at the top of the screen, will send you a message or even release a magic dragon from the scrolls, just for your admiration.

God of Fortune

God of Fortune’s Simple Structure

Before you begin spinning the reels, you need to know how you can win. For that to happen, you first need to look at the paytable, found on a separate screen. You can click on the info button located at the reel’s top right-hand side to see the paytable.

The God of Fortune has made all the information reasonably straightforward by having it on one screen. As you may already expect, the god has the highest position in the prize chat. He will award you 1,000 if you can match more than three symbols. For you to qualify for a prize, besides the lucky coin, you need to have three or more symbols in matching order.

If you can land a lucky coin, you’ll win a prize, even with one symbol. If you land on more coins, you can win more up to 200 if you match three symbols.

Perfect For Beginners

God of Fortune is a perfect and ideal game for you if you’re a beginner searching for a thrilling and exciting game. Why? Because the rules in the casino game are simple, and the structure is straightforward to understand. The game is highly entertaining with seamless play, regardless of the entry-level setup.


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