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Golden Toad

Have you recently played a slot game where the hero was a gigantic toad? Exactly! It’s time to change that by playing Red Tiger’s Golden Toad. The toad is not an animal that usually appears in Chinese-themed slots. But it’s refreshing to play a game that deviates from the usual Eastern cultures such as monkeys and dragons.

Golden Toad is peculiar due to the gold coins that display in the online casino game. Of course, video slots and gold coins are not new, but there are many of them in the game. You’ll see millions of gold coins behind the board spread like the sea, too far for your eyes to see all of them.

That’s the same with the symbols. The symbols that appear on the board are unlimited. Three regular symbols center around the gold coins, or at least golden shapes. That’s because the cutout design resembles the Chinese alphabets rendered in a circular shape.

Golden Toad

Gold Galore

From the description in the paytable, there are two wilds in the slot game. However, they are incredibly identical. The difference between the two is that when you acquire free spins, one or several wilds stays locked to increase your chances of winning.

You have a maximum of five free spins that you can win at any time in the game. However, there’s an option to trigger the free spins again. Isn’t that cool? You can retrigger the free spins with the help of three scatter symbols. That’s the symbol with the toad having glowy red eyes that appears mildly evil.

The Golden Toad comes with a minimalist design that has fewer buttons. That way, you can concentrate on what’s going on the board. The game is not too difficult to play. If you use the wilds and scatters wisely, you can create different varieties and prevent you from quickly getting bored and increase your chances of winning.

You can play this game for a long time without getting tired. However, there’s a strangely hypnotic, yet fanciful about the graphics. And that includes the oversized toad that hangers on top of the reels. You’ll love it!


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