Online Casino Games: Best Titles to Try Out [2023]

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July 21st, 2023 Chris Harris

Online casino games can be a great way to pass free time. If you are wondering which games you should try out, we got you. Keep reading to discover top titles! 

There are numerous online casino games you can play. But how to choose the best one? Picking the right title can be pretty challenging, especially if you are just getting started in the online gambling world.

This industry is increasingly competitive, so there are lots of new games being released almost on an everyday basis. While this can be beneficial for players, it also complicates the process of making the choice. 

In today’s blog, we are going to explain to our readers all the criteria that they should take into account when picking a casino game. In addition, we will provide a list of the top 5 titles that are famous for their quality. Finally, we will also discuss the online free casino games and explain why they might be worth your time. 

Let’s get started without further ado! 

Online Casino Games: How to Make a Right Choice

Online Casino Games

There are a couple of factors that you must take into account when going through the game library of a particular casino. Let’s explore each of them in detail.

Game Developer

As we noted above, the online gambling industry is growing at a rapid speed, and there are new games popping up regularly. In order to avoid playing games that are developed by less-known or untrustworthy companies, you should always check the name of the game developer before you start playing the title. 

Some of the most famous game developers include Novomatic, Microgaming, NetEnt, IGT, etc. So try to go for the games that are made by trusted companies. This way, you will avoid wasting money on online casino games that may lack quality or even be rigged.

Payout Rates

Another factor that you need to consider is payout rates. For example, every online slot has a Return to Player (RTP) rate. This figure indicates a certain percentage that you can expect to receive back over time from the game. Obviously, it is always better to go for titles that come with high RTP rates.

Online Gambling Genre

Online Casino Games

The online gambling industry involves various gaming genres. This includes real money slots, roulette, keno, bingo, fish table games, and many more. It is very important to find the genre that suits your gaming preferences. 

In order to ensure that you have a thrilling and entertaining gambling session, you must know which gambling genre you enjoy the best. Do you like more interactive games? Are you into skill-based games? 

Or do you prefer titles that are easy to play and offer you the chance of instant wins (so-called instant win games). These are the questions you should ask yourself when picking the casino titles. 

Best Online Casino Games: Top 5 Titles You Need to Try Out

God of Fortune

Are you into Asian-themed slots? If yes, then you are going to love playing God of Fortune which is one of the best online casino games on the market. This game has a Return to Play rate of 97.03%, which is why it is famous for its lucrative payouts. 

In addition, God of Fortune comes with quality graphics and colorful visuals. If you love fast-paced gaming, then you will definitely enjoy playing God of Fortune, as it also offers an autoplay feature.

Aladdin’s Lamp

If you are more into oriental-themed games, we still have an option for you. Consider playing Aladdin’s Lamp, as this slot is one of the best picks from this theme. Aladdin’s Lamp was developed by Inbet. 

The game quickly caught the eye of players with oriental interests. This slot is played on 5 reels and offers configurable win lines. In addition, Aladdin’s Lamp also offers a gamble feature with which you will be able to potentially double your winning.

Crab King

If you are not into slots, you might be interested in online fish tables. One of the most famous titles from this genre is Crab King. This game excels with its graphics and quality sound effects. 

When playing Crab King, you will have the opportunity to use a cannon with which you are supposed to fish down fish that are moving on the screen. 

By shooting down the fish, you will be earning prizes. Keep in mind that every type of fish comes with different values. As you might have guessed already, Crab King is a skill-based game. So don’t be discouraged right away. Invest some time into it, and you will definitely sharpen your skills in a short time. 

Phoenix Kingdom 

Phoenix Kingdom is a mythology-themed online slot developed by PariPlay in 2021. This slot offers fiery dragons as game symbols. Phoenix Kingdom’s visuals will quickly captivate you, so be ready for a mythic experience. The game is played on 5 reels. It has 50 win lines and offers free spins bonus feature in addition to the quick spin option.

4th of July

4th of Jult is the last pick from out list of best online casino games. 4th of July is an American Independence Day-themed online slot. 4th of July is played on 5 reels and 3 rows. The game offers 25 win lines. 

Some of the main features of 4th of July include a bonus game, free spins, wild symbols, and multipliers. All these features will help you to increase your winnings in a fun way. So if you are aiming at lucrative winnings, you should definitely consider trying out 4th of July!

Online Casino Games: Where to Play Them

If you want to play our recommended games, you can do it by joining the RiverMonster platform either on BitSpinWin or BitBetWin. 

These trusted online casinos are famous for their quality, as they offer a huge set of top-notch games and offer maximum security guarantees to players. When playing on BitSpinWin and BitBetWin, you will be able to have fun in a safe environment and be protected from any privacy breaches. 

online free casino games

In addition, BitSpinWin and BitBetWin are famous for their generous bonus offers. Thanks to these promotions, you will increase your bankroll quickly and be able to explore different titles. 

Join RiverMonster now and enjoy your gambling session! 

Online Free Casino Games: Why You Should Play Them

You might wonder why it might be worth it for you to play online casino games for free. The answer to this question is quite simple – you get to test the games before investing money into them. Online free casino games can be a great way to figure out whether the title you are interested in is really worth your time and money.  

In addition to it, online free casino games may help you to develop your skills for games that require strategic thinking. This way, you will be able to test different approaches and find out which strategy works best for you. 

In order to play online casino games for free, you can simply Google the title of the game and add “for free” in the search bar. There are numerous websites offering demo versions of casino games, so you will find it easy to access these titles for free.


Can I play casino games online?

Yes, you can play casino games online. There are numerous online casinos on the market that offer the chance to play casino games on the Internet. These games offer the same features as regular casino games that you find in land-based casinos. 

Where to play casino games online no deposit?

If you are looking for casino games online no deposit, then we recommend going for BitSpinWin and BitBetWin. These platforms have one of the most lucrative casino games online no deposit offers. In addition, these promotions do not come with any requirements, so you will be able to take advantage of them quite easily. 

Where to play real casino online games?

As we noted above, BitSpinWin and BitBetWin are one of the finest choices when it comes to real casino online games. However, in addition to them, you can also check out BitPlay, BitOfGold and Win777. All these platforms offer quality real casino online games that are developed by leading companies and offer high RTP rates. 

Can you win real money with free online casino games?

No, you cannot win real money when you play online casino games for free. Free casino games do not involve real money. Instead, they are played with coins without any value. 

What are some of the popular online casino games?

In addition to our recommended online casino games, you can also try out titles such as Amazing Thailand, Easter Surprise, Dragon Gold, and Robin Hood. Other than them, we also recommend trying out Captains Treasure, Stone Age, and T-Rex.

Final Words

Spending your free time playing casino games online can be really fun. However, you need to know what games are worth your time and where you can find them.

In order to provide our readers with a comprehensive guide, we have explored some of the criteria that you can use when picking a game. We have also offered a shortlist of top games and online gambling sites where you can access them. 

We hope that after reading our blog, you are now well-equipped with the necessary information about online casino games. Follow our tips, try to gamble responsibly, and go for big winnings! 

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