Play Internet Sweepstakes at Home to Win Big

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November 25th, 2020 Emma Williams

It has already been a few decades since online casinos are an inseparable part of our entertainment life which allows us to play sweepstakes at home. If your age allows, there is no way that you will not like these games. And the reason behind this statement is obvious. First, by playing gambling games online, you get rid of the stress accumulated in your daily life.

So, it is a stress reliever, too, in a sense. Second, and more importantly, you can win some real cash while you play internet sweepstakes at home.

This article will talk about a slightly different version of casino games, which are sweepstakes games. Sweepstakes games mainly differ from traditional casino games with their legality.

In other words, you can play it sitting at home in any country without any legal restriction. So, without boring you, I suggest you start to play internet sweepstakes at home to win big. 

1. Play Internet Sweepstakes at Home – What to Consider?

It is no secret that there are thousands of sweepstakes and casino games out there that players can choose from. Yet there is also one simple fact about them. The majority of them will not really allow you to win money. That is the truth of many casino games. How to make sure that you truly win and enjoy your time when you play internet sweepstakes at home.

Well, honestly, some sweepstakes games are not deceptive and will not steal your money. And I will outline them here so that when sitting at home during the current Covid-19 wave, you spend your time joyfully and earn some money, as well. 

2. Planet of The Apes

play internet sweepstakes at home

If you want to play internet sweepstakes at home and win real cash, one of the first options to consider playing is the Planet of the Apes. Yes, you read it right. It is based on a popular movie. The slot game was developed by one of the industry leaders, NetEnt.

Since the release of this slot machine, it has unsurprisingly grabbed the attention of avid casino players. And it should not cause any surprise in you, either. The sweepstakes game of Planet of The Apes is exceptional in terms of its graphics and sound effects.

That means, when you play internet sweepstakes at home, you will be separated from the outside world during the gameplay and enjoy the experience to the fullest. 

As you already have an idea, millions of players have already played, enjoyed, and endorsed this online casino game. So, you can be certain that you will not be an exception in this regard. 

One of the unique sides of the sweepstakes game of Planet of the Apes is a split-screen action in this casino game. Thus, in the same slot machine, you will play two diverse designs. What is even more, both of these sections have three rows and five reels. I bet you have not experienced this original thing previously. 

Apart from that, for every stage of this river sweepstakes play at home game, you will have the chance of depositing 20 paylines. Also, there will be the Rise of the Planet of the Apes, while on the right side, it will be the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Both of them will have various designs and symbols.

2.1 Features of the Planet of the Apes

You already know why you should play internet sweepstakes at home, thanks to Planet of the Apes. But there are some more nuances about this game that will make you fail in love with it. One of them is a quite high return to player rate of the game.

Note that the Planet of the Apes has 96.78% RTP, which is way above the average RTP. It basically means you have a very good chance of winning every time you play this exciting river sweepstakes play at home game. On top of that, doubled symbols mean you will be able to double yours scatters and wilds. However, it is not the end yet.

There are also profitable bonus rounds, which will ensure you will earn more even more real cash in this slot machine. Long story short, ensure you play internet sweepstakes at home and looking for a means of entertainment. 

3. Gonzo’s Quest

play internet sweepstakes at home

This river sweepstakes game is undoubtedly one of the best that has been created by river sweepstakes play at home game developers. It is at the same time, one of the most famous ones. It is basically about a conquistador whose mission is to find gold in the mystic El Dorado.

According to some sources, this game was inspired by the real-life story of a Spanish man called Gonzalo Pisarro. Some also argue that he was the younger brother of the conquistador whose name was Francisco.

Speaking of the game itself, there are multiple reasons why you will definitely love it. First of all, the modern sound effects and graphics will absolutely make you keep playing it for hours on end. So, this slot machine will be one of your first choices when you play internet sweepstakes at home. 

Another huge motive behind the success and popularity of this amazing slot game is its RTP. The return to player rate of this game stands at 96%. It means you have a quite fair chance of winning every time you play this nice sweepstakes game. Moreover, Gonzo’s Quest is offering you 20 paylines, three rows, and five reels. 

It is also worth mentioning that the game has been equipped with some modern characteristics. One of them is cascading reels. It basically allows you to win greater amounts thanks to letting you move symbols from former winning combination reels. 

4. Aladdin’s Lamp

play internet sweepstakes at home

The last play internet sweepstakes at home game that I will talk about is Aladdin’s Lamp. And you will soon understand why you should consider this game when you play river sweepstakes at home. Please be aware of the fact that this game is not as popular as previously mentioned sweepstakes games. That said, it is not less interesting or lucrative compared to them.

As it is clear from the name of the slot game, its protagonist is Aladdin. He is known to us from the popular cartoon. Like in the cartoon, Aladdin will start the online sweepstakes games utah as a poor man and will end it as a sultan. Considering that Aladdin will represent you, it means you will be the one who will become rich at the end of the online sweepstakes games utah. 

The game has over 90% of RTP. So it offers you a chance of above-average to win it. Needless to praise the graphics and sound effects of this play internet sweepstakes at home game. It will literally make you feel like in the world of fairytales.

5. Final Thoughts on Play Internet Sweepstakes at Home

As you can already guess, it is a piece of cake to win in these games. That is why I strongly urge you to play internet sweepstakes at home if you want to win a huge amount of real cash. I especially recommend you to check out the sweepstakes games that I outlined here. You can be sure that they will give you considerable enjoyment besides winning your real money.

Thanks for reading, and make sure you check out other related articles on our blogs page that can help you to maximize the gains while you play internet sweepstakes at home. 


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