Traditional Casinos VS Online Sweepstakes

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November 30th, 2021 Emma Williams

What is the easiest and safest way for Americans to gain a huge win? Sweepstakes can be one of the answers to this question. However, what do we know about them? Sweepstakes casinos are a relatively new concept, and not many Americans still have a clear idea of ​​it. Most US citizens often confuse sweepstakes casinos with sweepstakes contests and traditional casinos. All three of them can please you with generous winnings and possibly even make you richer, but there is a big difference between them. For example, is online sweepstakes considered gambling, and how does US law relate to this type of entertainment?

 In this article, we’ll look at three commonly confused concepts:

 1. Sweepstakes casinos;

 2. Traditional casinos;

 3. Sweepstakes contests

This article will reveal how these options differ and what you need to know about each of them.

Online sweepstakes casinos: a trick of American casino enthusiasts

Sweepstakes casinos appeared in the southern United States about 20 years ago and immediately spread throughout the country. Today you can find them in every corner of American cities. The emergence of this type of entertainment put the US authorities at a standstill since it was not clear whether these games were gambling or not.

Gambling is all types of games where you have the risk of losing or winning real money. However, in online sweepstakes and terrestrial sweepstakes internet cafes, you are not gambling, which allows you to avoid the term “excitement.”

Why do Americans prefer sweepstakes to traditional casinos:

online sweepstakes

If you have ever played at online casinos, then you know how new players are registered. You register, enter your data, including your card details and make a deposit. Then, for each game, you need to place real bets directly. If you win, most of your bet is returned with your winnings (Return to Player). If you lose the game, you lose your money. That is a prime example of gambling, and in many states, such activities are prohibited or restricted, so many Americans have to face problems:

 1. Some gamblers have to play in online casinos with VPN;

 2. Another essential issue is the payment method. Often American banks restrict the use of their cards for transactions in gambling platforms, for example, in New Jersey;

 3. Some software providers do not release their games for American gambling sites. It is believed that the selection of online casino games in Europe is much more extensive than in the United States.

Online Sweepstakes casinos are a bit different.

These restrictions have prompted American enthusiasts to find new ways to enjoy games without breaking the country’s laws. Thus, online sweepstakes appeared in the USA.

On these platforms, you do not pay a deposit or make direct cash bets at the time of registration. Instead, you are buying “sweepstakes currency” that has no monetary value behind them. That means that outside of this platform, you cannot use this currency. Accordingly, while playing online sweepstakes, you do not make real money bets, typical for gambling. However, if you win, your “currency” increases, and you can exchange your “money” for real money or prizes. Thus, in the case of sweepstakes internet cafes, you almost always trade “money” for wins.

Best Sweepstakes Casinos Software Companies For US Players

Online Sweepstakes is legal in all states of the United States except Washington, which means that you can play them absolutely without any restrictions. Today, at sweepstakes casinos, you can play quick hit slots, card games, roulettes, and more. In addition, many well-known software providers of gambling games have also started developing games for sweepstakes casinos. Among the most famous are the following:

 1. NETENT is one of the largest software companies whose games are of high quality, style, and design;

 2. RiverMonster – this company is relatively young but has already taken its place in the development of the best sweepstakes games for American players;

 3. Microgaming is another world-famous brand that develops sweepstakes games. The games of this company are the standard of high quality and fully guarantee the safety of your gaming process.

Other casino software providers include:

 1. FlamingoSeven;

 2. Evolution;

 3. Play’N Go;

 4. Wazdan

But despite this, there are still discussions about whether sweepstakes casinos are not gambling, since even these “currencies” you buy with your money. Therefore, if you lose, you lose fake money and your real money, which you spent on “currency.” Despite this, fortunately, most states do not classify online sweepstakes games as gambling.

Sweepstakes contests as marketing tools for companies

online sweepstakes

Online sweepstakes contests have almost nothing to do with the last two terms, but confusion arises due to a similar name.

Often, you may have seen advertisements from leading global brands, as well as new companies, such as:

 1. Complete registration and get the opportunity to win a prize;

 2. Like the post and participate in the drawing of our new product;

 3. Take the survey and become our winner!

These are all online sweepstakes contests that companies use to promote their new product. With contests like these, companies can:

 1. Choose your target market;

 2. Collect a database of potential customers;

 3. Increase product awareness.

You just need to register or survey to participate in these contests, but often leave your e-mail or phone number. The system itself will choose the winner, who will become the owner of the prize.


Unfortunately, some states of America restrict access to gambling games for their citizens, which is why players have to look for an alternative to their favorite entertainment. If you know the difference between traditional gambling, sweepstakes online casinos, and sweepstakes contests, it will be easier for you to make a choice and earn generous prizes. The difference between traditional gambling and sweepstakes is:

 1. Method of payment for the game;

 2. Types of prizes;

 3. Types of bonuses.

Some gamblers mistakenly believe that the winnings are lower in online sweepstakes, but this is not true. If you choose the right sweepstakes casino, there are very generous prizes awaiting you!


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