Best Online Sweepstakes To Play In Gambling Websites

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December 27th, 2020 Chris Harris

Online sweepstakes came out as one of the best alternatives for real money gambling games. The main advantage that they offer regular gambling games is the accessibility of those games. The anti-gambling laws are not working against these games, making them globally available for online gambling players. To enjoy the best online sweepstakes, you need to find platforms where they are available.

If you want to learn more about the available options regarding the best online sweepstakes casino games, you came to the right place. This article will cover the best sweepstakes casino games and discuss their main features to attract thousands of online gambling players. Without further ado, let’s get right into the top list. 

1. Secrets of Atlantis

Secrets of Atlantis is among the top online sweepstakes games that you can find on the internet today. The stunning visuals and convincing sound effects create a perfect combination for us to enjoy the slot machine experience’s quality.

Premium quality in the slot alongside an exciting mix of bonus features made us include this online gambling title on the list as the first example for the best online sweepstakes casino games. Net Entertainment developed this casino game back in 2017.

As you might already know, mystic themes are among the top capabilities of this brand. The quality of this title and visual effects are off the charts, just like their other mystic themed casino slot machine games.

This title is going to grab your attention ad you start to explore those features. A medium slot variance with a payout rate of over 97 percent offers some realistic chances for players who strive to earn real money off slot machine rivers games

1.1 Interface and Bonuses in the Secrets of Atlantis Best Online Sweepstakes

Best online sweepstakes

On the main screen, you will see the sacred city of Atlantis, which is located under the ocean. The dark blue tones that best online sweepstakes casino game developers utilized on this one is perfectly matching the ambiance that this game intends to give to the players. There are five reels and four rows.

In addition to that, you will also have as many as forty fixed paylines. For those of you who are not familiar with the slot terminology, let us quickly explain its meaning. Fixed paylines are the ones that are not flexible, and players cannot change their order or number of them in any round. 

There are many interesting features that you can find in this online river slot casino game. Some of those features are colossal respin, wild nudge feature, and mystic sea turtle bonus round. To trigger these bonuses, you need to line up at least three of the same symbols on the same reel. You will see four bubbles where the bonus keeper crabs are located on the left side of the screen.

As you reach the first level, one bubble will burst, and you will get the reward. On the opposite side of the crabs, you will notice the princes of Atlantis. She will guide you during the game and try to help you in winning the real money prizes. 

1.2 Why do You need to Play Secrets of Atlantis Best Online Sweepstakes Casino Game?

While entering a slot machine game like Secrets of Atlantis, you need to know that you have realistic chances of winning great rewards. So, do not hold yourself back by not risking at all. Instead, create a strategy that can quickly get you to the top.

Best online sweepstakes

The different bonus rounds and the high payout rate that this best online sweepstakes casino game offers would not be challenging for you. That is not all about the Secrets of Atlantis. Keep in mind that this game also has mobile compatibility.

Regardless of the device or operating system that you are using, you can find the version of Secrets of Atlantis on that device and enjoy the game right away. 

2. Best Online Sweepstakes – Starburst 

We will continue the list of the best online sweepstakes by one of the most popular casino games in online gambling history. The Starburst is among the top titles because of the popularity and the timeless functionality, and exciting features it offers to online gambling players. Net Entertainment developed this fantastic video slot machine back in 2012.

It is better to mention that this best online sweepstakes casino game was mainly a land-based casino slot machine before Net Entertainment decided to develop an online version. As the interest and demand for the game are increased in brick and mortar casinos, the online version was the best choice that the brand has at the moment. As it launched, thousands of players tuned in to Starburst to check out the game’s best qualities. 

2.1 Details about the Gameplay of Starburst

There are five reels and three rows in this online slot machine game. In addition to that, you will get a chance to deposit on as many as 20 fixed paylines. Just like the other online slots that offer fixed paylines, you cannot change the order or placement of the lines as you deposit. The Return to Player Rate for this casino slot machine game is 96.1 percent.

It is relatively high when we consider the time when it got launched. Recently, best online sweepstakes slots started to offer high RTPs. That was not the case for progressive slots created a decade ago. The popularity of the game is not only because of the high RTP. Rather than that, the low variance creates more opportunities for high rollers to enjoy the best available prizes in the game. 

Best online sweepstakes

2.2 Creative Features of the Starburst Slot Machine

Entertainment and cash prizes are what you need to expect from this type of best online sweepstakes slot machine. The game was initially designed with a classic feel as it is a copy of the video slot machine. However, there are still many entertaining features that you need to be aware of. Some of those features include free spins, expanding wilds, scatter bonuses, multipliers, and so on.

The expanding wild is a great feature that we can find in the Starburst slot machine game. This feature allows players to get the max rewards they combine three wild symbols on the same reel. While activating this feature, those three wild symbols will expand and take control of the whole reel. The next thing you know is that some big payday is on the way. 

There are different colorful symbols that you are going to encounter on the reels. Some of those symbols offer higher value than others. For instance, the blue crystal, diamond, or golden star are among those precious symbols. On the other hand, there are also symbols such as lucky seven, the bar, and numbers, which offer considerably less value.

Overall, Starburst is packed with a good quality of exceptionally functional features. They will enhance your chances of earning real cash prizes. So, if you are an online gambling player who wants to access the best online sweepstakes and enjoy great rewards, you need to try these games at your favorite virtual casino website. 


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