7 Hot Slot Games that You Should Play

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September 26th, 2020 Ernest Smith

Slot machines are among the most entertaining online gambling games in the world. Most of us love playing casino games to get entertainment and earn great cash prizes. There are multiple imtypes of games, and we decided to focus on hot slot games. We will look at the variety of casino slots and analyze their features.  

1. Bruce Lee Fire of the Dragon Online Slot

It is one on the hot slot games list game on our hot slot games list. The Bruce Lee Fire of the Dragon online slot is inspired by one of the best and most popular kung-fu masters and iconic figures of the 20th century. Most of you probably had a chance to watch Bruce Lee while growing up. The main character in the hot slot online game is the legend himself, and the theme of the slot is mainly articulated around him.

The story of the hot slot games evolves as Bruce Lee goes from an amateur fighter to the master of Jeet Kune. The cultural effect of the Chinese culture will be seen in this hot slot online game as it is inspired by Bruce Lee, who was born and raised there. Highlights of the iconic moments by the legend himself are significantly portrayed in this hot slot online game. 

Hot Slot Games

The slot machine game has five reels and three rows. In addition to those, you will access 80 winning pay lines. The wild symbol in the casino game is Bruce Lee while the scatter is the Ying Yang symbol which is used by the followers of Taoism. There are other symbols, such as letters and numbers, which are ordinary ones. 

The profitability of this hot slot games title is off the charts as it allows you to efficiently win higher amounts. The minimum bet size starts from 0.1 and goes up to 2. The payout rate of this slot game is around 96.08 percent. Overall it is a perfect game for low rollers and can help you earn a considerable amount of money in a short period. 

2. Wild Shark

Wild Shark is one of the exciting hot slot games in the industry. The game format for this one is the mixture of arcade-style and slot machines. By saying so, you will not only try to kill the wild sea creatures that are hunting for you, but also you will spin the reels to escape with some cash.

Only you can save the crown jewels, and the enemy here is the excellent wild shark that wants to kill you. The indicating storyline of the game makes it one of the most exciting river slots that we have in online casinos. 

There are several advantages that you can get by playing this hot slot games title. The first advantage is the higher payout rate than usual. Wild Shark offers as high as 97.55 percent payout rate. The house edge for the game is lower than 3 percent, which creates an ideal case for players to earn money.

It is important to note that the hot slot games title is a medium to high volatility slot. That means, the wins will not come as seldom as other casino games; however, the payouts would be huge whenever you line up five symbols on the reels in this hot slot games title. 

2.1 Design and the Features of Wild Shark 

The storyline, the visual representation, and the sound effects of the game are creating a great atmosphere, and feels like you are swimming under the sea and trying to find the crown jewels while the wild shark is hunting you. There are other sea creatures that you will get a chance to know through this slot machine.

Hot Slot Games

The main symbols are Dories, Puffer Fish, Sea Horse, and Angel Fish. You will explore the undersea world and come across many species during the game. The wild shark has five reels and five rows which is a classic design for modern hot slot games. 

In addition to them, you will have ten paylines. You can wager on every payline as they are fixed. It means that you cannot change the number of them. However, you can get the best results by playing on all of them.

The minimum bet amount for a single pay line is about 1 dollar, and the highest is 25 dollars. There is a double bet feature that allows you to deposit money with one click.

This feature doubles the previous deposits and helps you start the game immediately. You can enjoy this game by using your tablets and personal computers. Unfortunately, the mobile version of the game has not come out yet.

However, if you follow us regularly, we will share information about the subject as soon as the developers decide to create a Wild Shark game that is compatible with smartphones.

3. Party Time Hot Slot Games

It is another one on the list of hot slot games. Party time is an exciting game that will help you to relax and enjoy the gameplay. The theme concept of the game is taken from a house party where everyone enjoys the moment and forgets about everything. The theme, overall design of the interface, and sound effects will help you to enjoy the party.

You can enter this crowded party on any given day and wherever you want as the game has both mobile and desktop versions. There are five reels and three rows in this slot alongside twenty pay lines. 

Hot Slot Games

The paylines are not fixed like in many slot machines. You can change the number either lower or increase the amount according to your preference. The game can turn into the progressive slot as soon as the jackpot amount starts to grow. It is a fascinating game that every online casino player should try at least once.

There are a lot of bonus opportunities that you can get by playing this slot game. Multipliers and free coins are just some part of the fun. If you are into hot slot games that can get you out of the seat, you need to check this game out. 

4. Jumanji

You have probably watched the epic Jumanji movie which was based on the book that changes the lives of two families forever. The mystic book was so powerful that it captured the ones that are losing the challenge according to the rules of the game. Do not worry about those consequences because the Jumanji slot is not that dangerous to play.

You need to take risks to become successful in this game, though. You will experience the power of the sacred book Jumanji while enjoying this slot machine game. It is a straightforward game that can be played by any casino player. The rules are just like in any other slot machine, and all you have to do is to determine the bet amount and push buttons for winning. 

Hot Slot Games

The game offers 36 fixed pay lines and designed in a 5×3 format. You will resemble most of the items and the place itself from the movie. The storyline of the game is taken from the film. The higher payout rate and availability of so many pay lines, gives you a chance for big wins. If you acquire an effective betting strategy in this slot, you will easily reach the highest rewards.

The movie inspires symbols of the game as the scatter symbol is the book of Jumanji while there are other symbols such as letters, numbers, lucky seven, and the hunter of Jumanji. The hunter is the wild symbol of the game and can lead you to create victories by lining up at least three of them in a particular order on the reels. You can enjoy these hot slot games on a variety of devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and PC. 

5. Thunder Strike Hot Slot Games

Thunder Strike is one of the hot slot games that we included in this list. The game is viral because it involves both pop culture and Norse mythology in it. There are 16 thousand ways of winning the game, which is crazy.

With its effortless gameplay, exciting design, and fantastic sound effects, this game is ready to change your perceptions about boring slots. The characters and theme of the game might seem similar to you from Marvel’s popular movie thor. Mythic gods and the galactic environment will help you to enjoy the view and get the best out of the game.

There are similar characters that you saw in movies such as Freya, Loki, and of course, Thor. The bright and vibrant colors of the game and design are correctly describing the mystic land of Asgard. 

Thunder strike’s gameplay is similar to other hot slot games. Whether you are an amateur player who just started to play online gambling games, or experienced one, you can enjoy this game to the fullest. There are seven reels and five rows in this casino slot game. After you press the start button, the revolutions start moving, and then, if you can match at least three identical symbols on the reels regardless of the order, you will win the game.

5.1 Features of the Game

Hot Slot Games

As we already mentioned earlier in the paragraphs, 15.625 various conditions can lead you to wins. To achieve those wins, you need to wager money on the pay lines and press the spin button. The lowest amount that you can start the bet from is 0.10 cents while the highest amount for every independent pay line is equal to 10 dollars. 

The bonuses of the game are generous as they are offering a package full of coins and re-spin chances. Besides that, by getting five matching wild symbols, you can accumulate around a 50-time multiplier. The Thor symbol is the wild of the game. The thor hammer is the scatter symbol which can be crucial for your winning combinations. 

Besides the wild, Thor hammer can replace any other symbol and substitute that symbol for one round. For instance, let’s say that you get two Loki symbols on the same reels and one Thor hammer after them, in that case, the computer will read this equation as a winning combination.

So, you will manage to get fantastic prizes. The payout rate of the game stands at 96.64 percent. It is higher than the average, which means that you have a great chance of enjoying the best prices out there. 

6. More Hearts Hot Slot Games

It is another great slot game that we felt would be appropriate to include in the hot slot games list. The game features vibrant colors and an exciting storyline alongside catchy sound effects. The game was first launched back in 2011 by Aristocrat Gaming. The first destination for More Hearts was the land-based casinos.

Hot Slot Games

As soon as the game hit the market, there were interests towards it, so the company decided to make a partnership with online casino software provider NextGen to create the online version of it. I decided to create an online version for gambling platforms. Next-Gen developed the online version in 2013 and started to distribute it into a variety of online casinos. 

The central theme and storyline of the game are inspired by valentine’s day. You will see romantic attributes throughout the game. Valentine’s day has a history of over 1400 years and since the great Rome Empire. 

6.1 General Rules

The game provides us with three reels and five rows. In addition to those, you will get from 25 to 30 winning pay lines. Regular players would play with 25 pay lines. However, the ones that pay the highest amounts can take advantage of the 30 pay line More Hearts game. The fixed payout rate of the game is 89 percent.

However, it is one of those hot slot games that can change into your favor as soon as you start to wager higher. It can go as high as 97 percent throughout the game. All the combinations should be formed through left to right in this game for you to win. The only exception for that rule is about the scatter symbols. If you get three scatters, the form does not matter at all as long as any of the 25 pay lines crossed those symbols. 

6.2 Symbols in the Game

The diamond is the wild symbol of the game while the scatter is a red heart. Diamond can replace any other symbol besides the heart logo. If you form a winning combination by using only diamonds, you will get 2000 credits in advance. Other symbols are ordinary symbols in the game, such as Yellow Tulip, Leopard, Love Birds, Butterfly, Money Gift, King, Queen, and Ace symbol. 

6.3 How to play More Hearts Casino Slot? 

It is not that hard to play this hot slot games title, just like any other hot slot games. All you need to know the basic rules of the real money slots and that’s it. To start the game, you need to add a wager to the deposit column and choose active pay lines on which you are going to deposit. You can push the max bet or +5 to increase the wager.

By clicking the minus icon, you can decrease the amount. Besides that, there will be a question mark icon that you can use to access a variety of things, including free spin options, around gamble options, instruction for the game, and so on. It can be used as a guide for new gambling players. 

7. Katana 

Hot Slot Games

Katana is another hot slot games titlethat is based on Japanese culture and one of their main attributes which are the samurais. As you probably know, Katana is one of the deadliest weapons that has been used throughout Japanese war history. In Japanese novels and myths, there are many stories about these dangerous and legendary weapons. The theme and the storyline of the game focus on that aspect and tells a story of the ancient Samurai. 

The slot game features legendary samurais such as Geisha, Shogun, Pagodas, Katana, Archer, and the Horseman. These attributes are the main characters and symbols in the slot. There are secondary symbols such as 10, 9, lucky 7, A, Q, K, and so on in this hot slot games title. The design of the game is very mystic, and the sound effects back it up.

There are five reels and three rows in addition to the 20 winning pay lines. The paylines are fixed, and you cannot change the number of them. However, you can change the deposit amount.

The minimum wager required is around 0.5 dollars while the highest amount is 20 dollars for a single pay line. With its 95.2 percent payout rate, Katana is one of those hot slot games that can help you to succeed in the online gambling world.


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