Slot Games for Android To Play When You Are Bored

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January 26th, 2021 Ernest Smith

Online casino platforms offer more comfortable and accessible ways to enjoy gambling games’ best quality as well as interactive slot games for android.  Before the 1990s, we did not have enough resources for enjoying those andoid gambling games through the internet and technological gadgets. As the online casinos got more recognition from the online gambling audience, they became accessible more than ever.

The smartphones added another platform to use for casinos. They developed online casino apps for different operating systems in the mobiles. This article will mainly focus on the slot games for android and discuss their valuable features and share their best features that you might want to check out by yourself. Without further ado, let’s start the list. 

1. Starburst

Starburst is the first example of the slot games for android on this list. It is one of the most popular online slots in the industry. Nowadays, players have the luxury of playing this phenomenal slot on their mobile devices. However, it was not like that when the game first hit the market in land-based casino platforms around the 2000s.

Net Entertainment developed this game initially for land-based video slot machines. As time goes by, players became addicted to it, and the game got popular around the gambling audience from mainly Vegas and Atlantic City casinos. 

So, the brand decided to create an online casino version of this slot machine due to high demand. Not surprisingly, since the day that online Starburst hit the market, the fans loved everything about this classic slot. Packed with bright colors and exciting features, Starburst became a favorite of thousands of players quickly.

It is hard for us to create a list of the best slot games for android, and we left this one off the list. However, popularity is not the only reason why we included Starburst among the bests. 

1.1 Slot Games for Android- Best Features of the Starburst

slot games for android

There are many more sides of the game that you need to learn about in order to fully comprehend the idea behind it and understand why so many online casino players love it. First of all, as a land-based slot machine, this game comes with a classic layout that provides us with three rows and five reels.

You can find as many as 20 different pay lines in the Starburst in addition to those attributes which makes this game one of the best slot machines for android. This is among the slot machines for android that should not demotivate modern video slot lovers because of the game’s innovative features. 

The Return to Player Percentage, on the other hand, is higher than many classic slot machines for android. Starburst slot RTP stands at 96.10 percent. In other words, the house edge is slightly below the 4 percent mark which makes sense for highrollers as the starburst slot rtp is very high. 

That makes this game a great option for those of you who want to enjoy the casino game while earning real cash rewards. The game’s overall design and interface are very entertaining. It consists of different colorful symbols that give a vibrant look to the game. 

1.2 Symbols in the Starburst Slot Games for Android

slot games for android

Mainly, all the symbols in Starburst are inspired by cosmic themes that we used to see in online gambling river slots. There are colorful crystals, shining diamonds, and vibrant stars all over the place on the reels. Starburst is a beneficial game, especially for high rollers. Due to its low slot volatility, fans can expect to see high payouts regularly.

As you might know, the combination of a high payout rate with the low variance means that the casino game is paying out a high amount but less frequently. Those players who get discouraged after several consecutive losses are recommended to stick with the high volatility slot machines. 

Those andoid gambling games tend to pay out more frequently. The stunning graphics of the slot games for android like Starburst will quickly grab your attention. As well as high-quality graphics, 

1.3 Bonuses of the Starburst

slot games for android

Starburst also offers exciting bonuses and innovative features for you to utilize for winning great rewards. Expanding wilds are among those creative bonuses that Net Entertainment has put up in the slot games for android game. 

By utilizing this feature, players can maintain a high reward-winning process for several rounds. As you might know, wild symbols are the most valuable ones in many of the best slot games for android devices. In this game, a combination that is consisting of at least three wild symbols can bring you high rewards.

With expanding wilds feature, all you need to do is to put up at least two wild symbols on the same reel so that they can expand to double the amount, and you can win. 

By using scatter symbols and regular combinations, you can also earn great rewards. Those rewards including 15 free spin chances, up to five times multipliers, and so on. For these features, it is easy to put the Starburst on any list that involves successful slot machines in recent memory. So, if you have never tried it before, make sure to check this amazing game out as soon as you have time. 

2. Age of Asgard

slot games for android

Another exciting title that we included in the slot games for android list is called Age of Asgard. The game is very interactive, and the Marvel superhero Thor mainly inspires it. Generally, more themed branded slots are not a preferable option for online casino games as they tend to approach these games as a marketing tool.

However, that rule is not applied to these types of android casino games as they offer realistic chances for players to earn cash and enjoy the process. Yggdrasil Gaming developed this casino game back in 2018. 

They worked hard to create unique slot games for android title as many of them are in the gambling market. The brands such as Microgaming or Net Ent work on the branded slots. However, it is better to mention that Yggdrasil also competes with those world leaders regarding the creativity and excitement that these games offer. 

2.1 Details about the Age of Asgard Slot Machine

slot games for android

There are five reels and six rows in this creative slot game. In addition to that, players can expect fast-paced online gambling action. The game provides us with as many as 50 pay lines.

You can either utilize all of those pay lines through the max bet strategy or change the number of active lines you will deposit on. The minimum deposit that a player can make is around 20 cents. 

On the other hand, the highest amount of cash that you can wager in Age of Asgard slot games for android is 200 dollars. While utilizing the max bet strategy, players will get a shot at the game’s progressive jackpot, which is worth more than 480.000 dollars. The two on one concept is correctly applied to this slot machine.

Players would feel like they are playing two different slot games for android while tuning to the Age of Asgard video slot. This feature and many more creative attributes are waiting for in Age of Asgard. So, if you have never tried this one as well as many more slot games for android before, make sure to check our RiverMonster. 

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