How Casino Game Developers Create Exciting Slots

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June 6th, 2020 Emma Williams

Imagine that you are tossing a pair of dice and waiting for the results. For a few seconds, the excitement level will be enormously high because of the reward that you may earn and the risk that you took. These are the main factors that the excitement is derived from while you are playing slot games too. You can classify those games as gambling activities, or you may see them as a form of entertainment that creates excitement because of the risk-reward system. One thing is for sure that casino game developers made slots extremely fun to play.

Moreover, they are one of the hot topics around the internet for the past few years. People want to know more about slots, their schemes, winning combinations (if any), and so on. That is why we decided to discuss slots and see essential aspects that casino game developers take into account while building them.

So, let’s start by evaluating the critical elements of these fabulous games.

How slots evolved?

Slots are virtual casino games that tend to simulate the physical slot machines for those unfamiliar with the term. For over a century after their initial release, slot machines became very popular around brick and mortar casino players. On the other hand, online slots came to the scene around the 1980s as the technology improved. At that time, online slots were just the virtual copy of original slots. Over time, they developed new elements that made them unique. More and more customers started to see the entertaining aspects of the slots. It paved the way for them to become a worldwide phenomenon of online casinos. While the rules and general principles of the games are straightforward, the development process is a bit complicated. So, we will go through the steps that casino game developers take to provide you with immense experience in casino slots.

What Casino Game Developers utilize to make slots?

There is a lot of work during the slot game development process. The developers are going through a variety of phases until they reach the final step. Various people from artists to developers and managers are working extremely hard to build an effective slot game. Let’s go through those steps.

Art of Slot Game

casino game developers

Artists are a very important part of the slot game development because unless the game is in CGI or 3D format, the designs and patterns are drawn by hand. They start by drawing sketches according to the idea and characters, and then those sketches turn to the fully-fledged designs. The main similarity between various slot game designs that casino game developers are creating is the number of reels and rows. From that step, the characteristic elements start to appear as the slot becomes a unique product. The slots’ themes are important because they capture almost all the aspects that are used in the initial design. The symbols, patterns, and functions should be in accordance with that theme. For instance, while casino game developers are working on the slot that has Wild West theme, what do you think the main attributes of the game would be?

You guessed it right! They would be some sheriffs, cowboys, chiefs, tribes, and bandits. Besides them, the main step in designing the interface of the game is about creating functional

  • result screens
  • menus
  • and action buttons. 

Additionally, to draw characters that can be applied to the core idea of the interface and provide meaningful messages.

Game Mechanics

While the artist creates a visual representation of the main ideas in the game, the things that make them dynamic are the mechanics that utilize the flow of actions. The sequence of events in the casino games, whether they are fish arcades or regular slots are essential for functionality. Casino game developers take into account the default sequence of events and add elements that can help the player to achieve certain goals in the game. There are special riversweeps software that can help you to complete the process more efficiently. However, we will discuss that step in the next paragraph. So, let’s discover more about the mechanics part. All the essential objects that make players demand slots are somehow related to developers’ work on this step.

Whether we are talking about the bonuses or special features such as gamble in slots, all of them are part of the game mechanics. The casino game development process requires developers to create an exciting experience for players. They should create a game that can also influence the play as it increases the intensity. In this part, developers are using features that enable players to choose the number of reels and rows that he/she would be more comfortable playing. They create a game that can make players think about the possible reward and take considerable risk to acquire that reward. On the mechanics part, by only building a flashy, rewarding, exciting slot and providing users with a convenient interface, reaching that goal is possible.


casino game developers

The final step of the slot game development is mainly about online casino software, coding, and engineering. In this part, the number of staff members is considerably high in comparison with the previous parts. Before the development team decides on which software they should focus on, they need to choose a platform on which they intend to produce the game. Are they will be mobile compatible, or will they work on only desktop devices? These questions find an answer in this phase of development. 

According to their preference, the development team needs to choose the appropriate coding language for the slot. While most web-based casino games are written with JavaScript, mobile versions of those games are mainly based on Swift, Kotlin, Objective C, and more. Choosing the coding language is a crucial step for developers whether the games are made for sweepstakes parlors or online casinos.

Game engines are as important as the internet cafe software or the language that you selected. Most popular gaming engines include the Unreal Engine and Unity. Using special tools such as Emscripten, WebGL, API, and casino game developers build a variety of interactive games in these game engines. Those games can be played through desktop devices or utilized for mobile use through HTML5.

These game development software titles are the most used ones in recent years:

  • Unreal Engine 4 (Both Mobile and Web compatible)
  • Construct 3 (Web-based)
  • Phaser (Web-based)
  • Unity (for developing both desktop and mobile compatible games)
  • Fusion (only for mobiles)
  • Corona ( only for mobiles)

Finding Reliable Casino Game Developers for your Platform

It is not easy to find reliable casino game developers on the web because there are thousands of fraudulent criminals who seek profit and can deceive you. To ensure that you are on the right path, we recommend you analyze the review sites about game development companies. After you narrow down the results and have several options, then you can check their websites, see what they offer, estimate your expenses and deal with them if the company meets your needs and provides services at a reasonable cost. In River Monster, we focus on building mainly fish games and slot titles according to your preference. So, if you would like to learn more specific details about our products and what we can do to uplift your business, I kindly ask you to contact us through the provided information on the website.

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