How Sweepstakes Gambling Websites Function in 2023

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July 7th, 2020 Ernest Smith

Regulations on gambling sites become lighter in 2020 especially regarding the sweepstakes gambling. The sweepstakes games contribute to this process significantly. Nowadays, US residents can play sweepstakes gambling games in almost every part of the country except Washington DC, Washington State, North Carolina, and some parts of Florida.

The tradition started with sweepstakes gambling as they provided users with legal practices and games that looked precisely like regular casino games. It was an opportunity for players who live in areas where it was illegal to play online casino games.

As they saw the promotions, bonus offers, and other advantages of playing sweepstakes games, they rarely returned to online casinos again. In this article, we will discuss those perks that sweepstakes sites offer and analyze the games in depth.  

1. Is Sweepstakes Gambling Legal?

As we mentioned before, besides certain states and areas in the United States, it is perfectly fine to enjoy sweepstakes gambling games. However, there are some guidelines that you need to follow. Whether it is picking contests, online slots, or sweepstakes poker games, you get involved in the process once you bet.

Before you enter any sweepstakes, keep these two requirements in mind. The first requirement by officials is about the age limit. Players who enter sweepstakes gambling sites should be at least 21 years old to compete. The platforms which do not focus on this aspect and take action against younger players, face issues with the government.

So, while searching for a riversweeps casino site, try to find their license and make sure that they are sensitive about responsible sweepstakes gambling rules. The second requirement is about the free gaming experience. For sweepstakes to operate legally, they need to offer the games, contests in which players could play without paying a penny.

That is the essential characteristic that regulatory bodies of the government evaluate sweepstakes poker sites through. If they do not offer any free contest, they will be considered gambling sites, and the key here is this. To legally function, this clause is one of the requirements that sweepstakes sites should follow.

2. How to Play Sweepstakes Casino Games?

Sweepstakes gambling

New Sweeps casinos 2022 become a new opportunity for gamblers to enjoy their favorite casino games. Instead of cash, players use sweep coins in these games. That is where it makes a difference between sweepstakes and regular sweepstakes gambling sites. It is not legal to provide casino games in which players would use real cash to compete.

So, by utilizing sweeps coins, sweepstakes gambling sites used the legal framework in their favor. How to get Sweeps Coins? It is another critical question that we will answer right away. To get sweeps coins, you need to buy gold coins from sweepstakes poker sites that offer various contests, slot machine games, live poker, etc.

By using those gold chips, players can get into the games where they will have a chance to earn sweep coins. After winning several rounds of video poker or slot, you will receive the number of sweep coins that can be used in games that offer real prizes. In new sweeps casinos 2022, you will have a chance to convert those coins into real cash, which is excellent.

Only after getting verification, you would be able to sync your bank account, and sweepstakes account balance. To complete the process, you need to register to the sweepstakes site and meet all the playthrough requirements. What are those?

3. Play Through Requirements

In sweepstakes sites, you need to complete some play through requirements just like in regular casinos. Before you withdraw or transfer the real prizes into your bank account, you need to complete it.

Play-through requirements are showing the number of times you need to play to win the prize. Whether you are playing slots, fish games, sweepstakes poker, or any other game, this step is a must. These requirements are placed to avoid negative consequences for sweepstakes platforms.

sweepstakes gambling

For instance, if there is no playthrough requirement, the players who have free sweeps will play the game for two or three rounds and then leave with reward to another sweepstakes site and do the same.

The sweepstakes gambling sites that have lower house edges offer the number of rounds as play through requirement and vice versa. You can find these requirements from 1x to 25 x depending on the game and casino’s house edge percentage.  

4. How to get Free Sweeps Coins to play in New Sweeps Casinos 2022?

As we mentioned earlier, sweep coins are redeemable, which means that after you earn rewards with coins, you will be able to exchange them for dollars or any other currency. Free sweep usage is a requirement for sweepstakes gambling sites.

By collecting the prizes through games, you can stack up even higher amounts that you usually earn from regular casinos. Various ways can help you to receive free sweep coins. So, what are they?

4.1 No wager, sign up bonuses: 

Multiple sweepstakes gambling sites offer this type of bonus. All you need to do is to sign up to the casino, meet general requirements, and earn coins.

4.2 Daily promotions

In those casino sites, there would be annual, or daily bonus offers to help you earn sweeps cash. By following the guidelines and completing daily tasks, you can get around 10 to 15 free sweep coins.

4.3 Tournaments

Sweepstakes gambling

Like in online casino programs, sweepstakes are also providing you with daily tournaments where you compete with your counterparts to get the prize. The ranking system is defining the winner. If you rank in the top 5 of the tournament, you will get some sweeps coins according to your place.

4.4 Through Social Media Accounts

 In sweepstakes gambling sites, there would be offers such as “Follow us on Instagram, share a screenshot, and earn free sweeps.” These ads are real, and by following the provided guideline, you can actually earn some sweep coins and finalize a favorable deal.

4.5 Buying Gold Coins

 It is another way of getting free sweep coins. Gold coins are the ones that have, monetary value, and they are exchangeable. By buying them, you will have a chance to exchange gold ones with the free sweeps coins.

4.6 Email Newsletter

 It is another way that enables you to get free sweep coins. By sending a message to the address that the sweepstakes site provided, you will get a certain number of coins.

4.7 Refer a Friend

sweepstakes gambling

This is a popular tactic in online gambling sites and sweepstakes platforms. Referring to a friend is a campaign that can help the business grow its audience by offering little prizes for current players. The rewards will come to your account as soon as the referred player registers in particular sweepstakes gambling platform.

5. Final Points on Sweepstakes Gambling

Unless you live in areas where it is forbidden to play any type of gambling or casino related games, you are good to go with the sweepstakes platforms.

Keep in mind that the thoughts which indicate the difference between regular casino and internet sweepstakes cafe games are just stereotypes you need to experience the fun of sweepstakes gambling before bragging about its disadvantages and all that stuff. So, our recommendation for players is to check the sweepstakes games and give them a try.

For casino owners who would like to switch to sweepstakes gambling or open another branch of their business, we offer fully functional sweepstakes software in River Monster. If you are interested in that, please contact us for more information. 

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