How to Play Craps Online

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June 6th, 2022 Chris Harris

It sounds fascinating and appealing to play craps online as it offers many advantages to the players who intend to try their luck at online gambling. It is probably the best method to start the training process and get trials for free. The players can enjoy this privilege of placing bets for free, do some training, and learn the process of gambling well. 

With the free trials, the players can get acquainted with the feeling of playing in an online casino, practice how to place bets effectively, and understand the gameplay properly of how to invest their money safely. 

Playing craps online is exciting for all the players when they have a wide range of options in the casino. Craps online is an excellent source of entertainment. It provides opportunities to win money without making any investments or travel efforts first. 

Rules for playing craps online 

Playing craps games online can seem a little difficult for the players initially, but once they learn all the rules and the regulations related to this casino game, it becomes easy and exciting for them. The players must learn about the basic bets which should be placed beforehand to enjoy this great opportunity and have an exciting game experience. 

How to play Craps Online

play craps online

There are different bets that the players can place and have reasonably good experiences with playing craps online. Many experienced players know well which bets yield the best results and stick to them for future gameplays. The different odds of the landing dice predict the bet’s choice, which the players will make ahead in the future games to control the gameplay for the better odds. The excellent choice of bets made helps save the player’s precious bankroll. The player should know all betting functions in their minds beforehand. So, that they can assess and control their gameplay effectively. Some of the unique betting patterns are as follows:

Auto bets

While playing the online craps games, the players receive the choice of using the re-bet function, or they can fix a limited number of bets on the fixed number of gameplays they decide. These are useful for experienced players who want to check the efficacy of their strategies. 


All the players can use this tool which is available at the bottom of the screen. If the player wishes to have proper control over the bankroll, then they should track their session time regularly.

Bet limits

The players are first recommended to practice the demo versions of the games to improve their performance. Online casinos generally add the maximum and minimum limits on placing the bets so that cash flow can be well regulated. 

Tips to win craps games online:

Craps games are the games of chance, making these games interesting and exciting. Of course, a few strategies can be applied to these games, like black or poker games. Still, the players can improve their gameplay and winning chances by

  • placing all the bets with strategic planning
  • and reducing the number of losing odds in the game

Some of the strategies which can be applied to learn well how to play craps online for money and win are:

Come and bet pass:

In the craps game, the players who do not have a very high bankroll should focus on making bets with a shallow house edge. And the come and pass bets are the ones that really have a shallow house edge and are probably the lowest in the craps games online. 

Place bets on the most frequent numbers:

In craps games online, the player shall focus on placing bets on the very frequently occurring numbers. The dice frequently land on numbers

  • six
  • and eight

which have a little higher house edge than the come-and-pass bets but are more diminutive.

Focus on the odds:

The players shall continuously monitor the frequency of the odds bets as their house edge is statistically near to zero when they play craps online. The players can genuinely benefit from these. They can keep increasing their wagering amounts at the odds by initially betting low limits on their pass bets. By doing so, they can lower the winning cuts that the casino takes. 

Bonuses in online craps games:

play craps online

Online gambling offers a wide range of bonuses to the players. There are no such bonuses in craps games like free spins, slots, etc., in the other varieties of casino games. But, the players frequently receive the no deposit bonus, and welcome bonus offers on the online casino websites, which enables them to enjoy and have the experience of playing games of their own choice without the need to risk their own real money. 

They can use the free credits they receive by playing craps games online and generate funds for themselves in real. Some wagering or deposit requirements must be met before competing in the signup process. Therefore, the players should check all the rules and regulations associated with the games they want to play. 


This short guide is helpful for willing players who want to learn how to play craps online. The players should first hunt for the best casino apps that offer minimum bets. Then, using the proper strategies mentioned above, the players can continue playing the games well, keeping house edge low and making their bankroll last long by using large welcome bonus offers on craps games. However, they should try to keep their bankroll high so that they can place bets with the maximum odds available. 


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