Where Do You Need to Get Rivers Casino Self Service?

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December 30th, 2020 Ernest Smith

Online casinos have become one of the most popular adult entertainment platforms that we enter daily. The best part about those platforms is the online casino games that we can find there. Many online gambling genres are available throughout those platforms. You can play slots, video poker, baccarat, arcade-style shooting games, keno, blackjack, and so on. However, that is not all. Players have many innovative solutions to choose from when they enter the online casino websites. One of those features is the rivers casino self service. If you want to find which online casino software providers include rivers casino self service on their product packages, you came to the right place. This article will capture the best gambling software developers who are providing us with tons of cool casino solutions. Without further ado, let’s start with the first option. 


Endorphine is among the top rivers casino self service providers in the market today. Most of you probably have not heard about this brand up until this point. They are the underdogs in online gambling that try their best to reach their full potential. The company is very underrated, and you will get why we think so in a few minutes as we start to cover the products and services they are providing. The brand was established around 2012 in Birkirkara, Malta. They hold the virtual casino license from Malta too. They are mainly operating in the European online casino market. There are over 40 online casinos that are powered through Endorphina. 

They are employing skilled professionals who have enough experience in the market, and they utilize cutting-edge technologies to come with the best online gambling products for players. Their key strength is to create online casino games that all types of gambling players can enjoy. Their appealing designs and creative features in gambling games noticed by thousands of people in recent years. They are not only building internet casino games. You can also find different online casino software models and rivers casino self service features on those platforms. 

The slot games by Endorphina are fascinating as they are offering realistic graphics and exciting bonus offers that are helping players get over the hump. Let’s discuss some of the best online slot machines that this brand produced up until this point. 

VooDoo Rivers Casino Self service Game

rivers casino self service

VooDoo is a fascinating modern slot machine that Endorphina developed in 2018. The concept of the game is colorful, and it matches the overall design and storyline. The violent and creepy world of the VooDOO is portrayed perfectly in the game, and you can see multiple attributes both in the background and on the reels. There are seven reels and five rows in this slot machine. In addition to that, you will get a chance to bet on as many as fifty paylines. Fortunately, those paylines are flexible. This will help both low and high rollers to enjoy the game at the same time. There are not many examples for multi-reel slots offering fun gameplay and exciting bonuses like this title. So, do not lose your shot by skipping this game and hurry up to check it out. 

The Vikings

It is a quite popular topic for online casino games. Most of the developers have released a couple of Viking themed slots over the past years. This title is a little bit extraordinary and different than its counterparts. The game offers three reels and three rows. Besides that, you will also access 15 pay lines. The low number of reels and symbols combined with a high pay line number creates a recipe for success in slot machines. You will enjoy this slot as it offers a thrilling storyline and great soundtracks. You will see various attributes from Vikings on the reels. 

For instance, the Vikings Shield, Vikings Boat, and the Vikings Helmet are just some of them. The high multipliers in the game make the progressive jackpot round even more exciting for this title. By utilizing the wild symbols on the reels and lining up three of them simultaneously, you can earn as much as 1000 times the initial deposit in one round. The game has high volatility and RTP, making your chances more realistic at earning those outstanding rewards. 

Evolution Gaming – Rivers Casino Self Service Provider

Evolution Gaming is another brand that provides you with rivers casino self service and many other great products. The company was established in 2006 in Riga, Latvia. Soon after they launched their first-ever online casino platform, they started building a brand. There are over 200 online casinos that are accredited by this casino software provider. They are mainly popular because of the live dealer casino games that they produced over the past decade. These games offer players a chance to enjoy the live casino action while sitting comfortably in their house. They bring the intensity of land-based casinos to your mobile and desktop devices. The realistic features and engaging interface of their casino games set Evolution Gaming apart from the competition. 

The live gaming experience is made famous by Evolution Gaming. Soon after, they released some of the best live dealer casino games. Other brands such as Microgaming and Playtech started to build them because of the high demand by players. Evolution gaming offers different services such as online casino software, sweepstakes software solutions, and rivers casino self service. Their software platforms are built through Java, HTML5, and Flash. That allows players to access the best video slot machines and other live dealer casino games through different electronic devices. You can use your tablet, laptop, or mobile for playing in one of the live dealer casinos, which are accredited by Evolution Gaming. 

The Best Live Dealer Casino Games by Evolution Gaming

Lightning Roulette

rivers casino self service

Lightning Roulette is among the top live dealer casino games by Evolution Gaming. The game offers many innovative features that you can utilize to always come out on top. Just like any other Roulette casino game, this one also provides us with a lucky number concept. You will have a chance to choose five different numbers and take a chance at the best prizes that are available. The payouts are very high and intriguing in this game as each selection can help you to earn 500/1. The multiplier, in this case, would be 50 times the initial bet that the player made. 

Mermaid’s Fortune

It is another exciting game that also features the rivers casino self service feature. Not only can you find great board and table games on this platform, but also slots such as this one are available for players. Mermaid’s Fortune is a progressive slot machine that offers unlimited opportunities for high rollers. With its five reels and five rows, the game provides us with 243 different ways to win the highest jackpot. There are 15 paylines on which you can deposit 20 cents up to 15 dollars per each line. With the game’s high volatility, it would not be that hard for you to enjoy the regular payouts. 

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