Top 17 Best Slots To Play In 2023

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September 26th, 2020 Emma Williams

A few years ago, casino game developers started an unending race that ended in some of the best online slots we’ve never seen before in the casino industry. And thanks to the various online slot websites available today, playing online slots has been a thrilling experience. No doubt, if you’re searching for the best slots to play in 2022, you’ve come to the right place. 

If you think you’ve seen and tried all the fascinating River Monster casino games such as the Book of the Dead video slots think again. Micrograming, Playtech NetEnt, and many others keep releasing exciting and heart-pumping games. 

2022 is no different. These big casino gaming companies are bringing in fantastic and best slots to play online. There is a new way to spin the reels. Now, you’re about to experience the best River Monster casino games like never before. 

If you want the top mobile game slots, including the best slots to play on your desktop computer, you’ll find it all here in this guide. We’re not kidding. 

If you’re ready, let’s get into it. 

1. List Of The Best Slots To Play 

Below, you’ll find a list of the best slots to play. Go through them and find the ones that you think will give you the best thrilling experience. We recommend, however, to try it all out! So that you get to taste each one. Either way, no game is sure to disappoint. 

1.1 Street Fighter 2 Slot Machine 

best slots to play

The Street Fighter 2 is so cool it makes you forget all the gambling aspects when you try out this best slots to play game. It’s one of the best slots 2022 to try out, especially if all your childhood was about shouting “Shoryuken” and “Hadouken.” It’s so much fun! 

Net Entertainment developed the Street Fighter 2 and comes with unique features such as avalanche mode; cluster pays, a battle mode, bonus rounds, etc. The Return To Player (RTP) in these casino games is different depending on the game character you select. Ryu may be the worst character pick. But he’s still the most selected player because his RTP is 96.02%. 

The RTP of the other characters is 96.08%. So there is a high chance for you to earn big. 

1.2 Rick and Morty Megaways 

Do you remember Rick and Morty on Netflix? The show is not on Netflix anymore, but you can still try the best slots to play game without paying any fee. Blueprint Gaming developed the game, and it’s in association with Megaways. 

The River monster casino game comes with three separate bonus rounds, including all the mind-blowing animations you grew up glued to on the TV screen. 

1.3 Aladdin’s Lamp 

best slots to play

Ah, Aladdin. Who doesn’t know the story of Aladdin by now? Of course, you do. It’s the story of a young boy who went after his dreams through many adventurous places. Without his magical lamp and Genie, he wouldn’t have made it. Of course, and his monkey, Abu, too. 

In the best slots to play game, you’ll never know what will get in your way. If you want a game with unpredictability, Aladdin’s Lamp is the best choice. There are also enormous payout possibilities that will intensify your excitement to 200%! For example, there’s the double or nothing feature, which is pretty cool. 

But you will notice many differences when playing the slot game. There are plenty of choices you can choose, instead of selecting colors. Like Aladdin, you’ll enter the slot game as an orphan roaming in the streets of Agrabah. But you’ll possibly leave the city with huge bonuses, rewards, and big payouts. If you’re ready, the adventures of the Aladdin’s Lamp awaits!

1.4 Charlie Chance in Hell to Pay

One of the most distinctive features of this best slots 2022 game is the white graphics, retro black, and animations that sends you to the first Mickey Mouse in 1928. You’ll enjoy the game developed by Play’n Go with their fast-moving jazzy soundtrack and different sorts of bonuses, including instant prizes. 

If you’re searching for the funniest and best slots to play, Charlie Chance in Hell to Pay will not disappoint. The online casino game centers around the typical three-reel fruit slots mechanics. It gives you a specific classic team that grows on you. Really, you should try it. 

1.5 Pink Elephants 2 

best slots to play

Pink Elephants 2 is reasonably straightforward best slots to play game. Find as many pink elephants as you can. Can you do that? The astonishing soundtrack and the wisely looking goats will assist you in the journey as you search for the pink elephants. 

Thunderkick developed the Pink Elephant 2, and it’s a successful sequel that has become one of the popular slot machines seen in years. The best slots 2022 game comes with more than 4,000 ways to win and has a Return To Player of 96.13%. 

1.6 Dragon’s Maiden Best Slots to Play

If you’re a fan of dragons, you’ll surely love this game. In the Dragon’s Maiden, you have to learn how to control your dragon, train him, and prepare his armor for the coming epic battle. If you succeed in learning to use the power held in its burning flames, you’ll open the doors to immeasurable treasures. 

The casino game has excellent sound effects and graphics, which makes it impossible to get bored. Instead, you’ll spend hours playing the games like river monster with magnifying thrillers. The bonuses are incredibly high, making it one of the best slots to play in 2022. You should check it out. 

1.7 777 Fruit 

Most people will agree that when you talk about classic casinos, what comes to mind is fruit slots. It is not a coincidence that they are among the best slots to play in 2022. If you’re a fan of classic slots and searching for a modern twist with vintage vibes, 777 Fruit is an ideal option. You’ll get the old school feeling of fruit slot machines and, at the same time, get modern features with mind-boggling short load time. 

The 777 Fruit is compatible with Android, iOS, and all Windows uses. You can benefit from the 15 fixed winning pay lines, with two modes, regular and free spin. The slot game is convenient to play and allows you to set as many endless numbers of spins and bet as you want. 

Also, the spin and stop actions are done on the same green button, which can help you move faster and prevent any missing and vital bonus offers. 

1.8 John Hunter and the Book of Tut

Don’t get ahead yet. It’s not another one on the list of best slots to play game whose character got lost in Egypt while on his adventurous journey. Every experienced slots player is aware of three things, at least: 

  • It’s not that simple to know and select a slot machine that will win. 
  • It’s not easy to have massive wins at jackpot games like river monster
  • There are opportunities for new slot machines based in Egypt. Besides, there’s more room for improvement. 

The Book of the Dead, though both fantastic slot games, is no longer surprising. They’ve been there for quite a while. Why not unite with John Hunter in his adventurous journey to look for the Book of Tut? 

Pragmatic Play developed the casino game, and it has high-quality colorful themes with a Return to Player of 96.5%. It’s highly volatile, and you can win up to 5,000 more than your original bet. 

1.9 4Squad 

best slots to play

For many years now, we’ve seen many superhero-based games vanish from the casino market because most popular franchises have discontinued gambling. However, in 2022 Red Tiger surprised us with a new superhero-based 4squard casino slot machine

The casino game has seven reels, integrated with numerous features such as bonus rounds, cascading reels, etc. With 4Squard superheroes with incredible superpowers, you’ll win big. It’s one of the best slots to play now, so check it out now!

1.10 Arc of Templar 

If you’re tired of letting the devils go rampage, it’s now time for you to become the hero you were born to be and save the castle. The Arc of Templar exactly helps you to fulfil that mission. The warriors have left the castle, leaving only the Templars. You’re our only hope. 

The Arc of Templar values storyline, just like video games. In the storyline, you’ll see a priest approaching the Templars who are left at the castle. He warns them of an impending attack, and the priest goes. That’s where the fight begins. 

Your job is to defeat the devils by throwing multiple items at them. With your mouse’s assistance, you’ll target the enemies while you earn huge bonuses, including many features. The slot game has fantastic items and thrilling soundtracks that will leave you highly captivated, while you fight the enemies. The Arc of Templar is one of the best slots to play in 2022. You’ll not be disappointed. 

1.11 Hellcatraz 

Most people don’t like pixelated best slots to play games. But Minecraft has grown in popularity over the years, so it’s only natural that a new slot game like Hellcatraz has appeared. If you’re familiar with Philips MSX and an 80286 computer, you’ll notice the slot game’s similarities. 

The color scheme, sound, and animations in the game make it the perfect retro game currently available. Hellcatraz has one of the best storylines which you’ll fall in love with. You’ll begin the game from Alcatraz, probably the famous prison in the world, with just one mission: find a way to escape and get rich while in the pursuit. 

1.12 Mega Moolah Absolootly Mad

best slots to play

Can you imagine if the Mega Moolah meets Alice in Wonderland? Microgaming was able to merge the concept and come up with a completely new game. If you want the slot game that will help you win big and easily, Absolootly Mad version is not the best option. 

In the same way, if you want the best odds, the best slots to play game is not the right choice. The game is basic and has an RTP of 92.02%. You can take a progressive jackpot in fourfold to change a single spin into a seven-figure cash prize. 

If you’re searching for a massive win, then the slot game is the right slot game for you. 

1.13 Dead or Alive II 

The sequel to the famous Dead or Alive slot game developed by NetEnt is one of the best slots to play and the best slot game ever created. Everything in the game is on point. The soundtrack will sweep you off your feet. The graphics are astounding, and it has a grand prize worth two million coins, which makes it more profitable than other progressive slots. 

NetEnt has done it again after five years of launching Dead or Alive I. The sequel is an excellent game and capable of keeping players busy for long hours. You should try it out. 

1.14 Baby Octopus

Most people have not been into the depths of the ocean to explore the magnificence of the underworld. And you’re probably one of them. But you don’t have to worry. Baby Octopus can help you fulfill that goal. The game has an unusual theme that will transport you into the underworld. 

With a fantastic storyline, you’ll be able to explore the underworld while searching for hidden treasures. What’s more fun than that? The reels images will amaze you, including the numerous sea creatures, treasure chests, hammerhead sharks, etc. 

The moment you press the button, there’s a scene change. The fascinating images will come to life, with fishes appearing on the screen. The sound effects in the best slots to play games are so relaxing and help you focus on the gameplay to win. The Baby Octopus has an autoplay mode, which allows you to relax, sit back, and watch, while you earn fantastic rewards. You can play the Baby Octopus Now

1.15 Subbuteo 

Subbuteo is among the newly launched slot games centered around a classic football that many gamblers love. It’s probably the best game that is inspired by football. Betdigital developed the game and is packed with lots of excitement and captivating mini-games. 

If you’re a football and slot game fan, you should try Subbuteo. You will love every minute spent in the game. The sound effects are unique, and you can be assured that you’ll not get bored. 

1.16 Queen’s Day Tilt 

best slots to play

Since the best slots to play game’s launch, it has been performing well on the market. The Return to Player is 96.36%, and you can win up to 500,00 coins capped. 

In the game, you’ll be transported to the period where the brave knights proved their worth, bravery, and love for their queen by fighting until no strength is left. The modern casino game comes with three features at random. With these features, you can win a maximum of 5,000 times your original bet. 

You can play the game with free spins, but you’ll have to register. You can also play the slot game for real cash, but you’ll deposit as a requirement. 

1.17 Caribbean Pirates 

Pirates of the Caribbean was one of the best adventure movies to appear on the big screen. Now, you can join the ship to fight enemy ships. That sounds amazing, right? All you have to do is to become a Caribbean Pirate. 

When you play the slot game, you’ll get the opportunity to know more about the pirates, treasure chests, ships, animals, beautiful islands, palm trees, and many more. There are three rows and five reels that the game provides. You can get ten winning pay-lines on top of that. 

If you are the type of player who gets excited about pirate-themed slot games, you will love the Caribbean Pirates. The massive paying symbols found in the game are the wilds and scatters. If you can match three scatters, you’ll earn ten spins for free. Caribbean Pirates is one of the best slots to play in 2022. So go ahead and give it a try. 

2. Final Thoughts on the Best slots to play

Are you ready to try the listed slot games in this article? If you’re searching for the best slots to play, we recommend the listed games above. They will give you a thrilling and captivating experience while earning big payouts. 

We have the best slot games on the market, which we know you’ll enjoy. If you want to try the best slots to play, check out our slot games inventory. You’ll not be disappointed. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always there to assist you. You can check out our other excellent blogs, software, and other cool features we have for you until then. 


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