Online Fish Tables Real Money: Best Titles for 2023

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April 16th, 2023 Emma Williams

Online fish tables real money games ae popular gambling options at online casinos. If you are tired of playing traditional casino titles and want something new, online fish table games are what you need. In this article, we will look at online fish table games, how they are better than other gambling options, and also recommend some games for you to try. Let’s get started.

Online Fish Tables Real Money: Defining the Concept

Online fish table games are relatively new gambling options at online casinos. However, there has been a steady increase in their popularity in the past few years. This development is mainly due to online fish tables being different and more exciting than classic casino games.

Online fish table games are also known as fish arcade games or shooting games. Because the main characters of these games are fish, the game usually takes place underwater and has water-related titling. If you are a professional gambler, you will have noticed these games and their various demo versions on online casino platforms. The main difference between online fish table games, and classic casino games is that fish table games are mainly skill-based and require a lot of action and strategic thinking. Another difference is that most fish tables online are straightforward to play. There are no complicated rules that you have to master. All you have to do is shoot at your underwater targets.

If you want to try out fish tables online games for free, River Monster fish games are free for newbies. So take your time to test these demo games.

Advantages of Playing Fish Tables Online

online fish tables real money

If you are a professional gambler, why should you leave games you are familiar with and comfortable with for a newcomer?

Well, there are a lot of advantages to playing fish tables online, the least of which is the knowledge that your fate is literally in your hands. You win or lose based on your decisions while playing the game. So, if you want to win anything in this game, you need the right set of skills and techniques. 

Additionally, online fish tables real money games are also easier to play than classic casino games. There are no complicated rules to remember, and a random computer code does not generate the odds. As far as you are concerned, all you have to do is shoot, shoot, and shoot at pesky fishes.

Also, fish games are not static card games where the player sits still. Instead, these games are action games, and the mention of shooting is a dead giveaway that this is not business as usual. While you are not moving everywhere like in the game, the games are more interesting and exciting.

Another advantage is that fish games are more like stories or video games. These games have storylines, an interactive plot, and good audio and video quality. Some online fish table games also have a multiplayer mode where you can challenge your friends to games of wit and strategy. Honestly, what’s not to like about playing fish tables online?

Now let’s move on to recommendations.

Online Fish Tables Real Money Games: Top 5 Picks to Try

There are many online fish tables real money games in casinos right now. These games are so many that if you are new to playing fish tables online, you might need help choosing which game to try first. Well, fret not; these games are the best online fish table games:

  1. Crab King
  2. Deepsea Volcamon
  3. Ocean King 3
  4. Wild Shark
  5. Fire Kirin

Let’s check them out.

Crab King

Crab King is an online fish game you can play for real money. The game is an adventurous arcade game. It features a lot of underwater creatures, including king crab, laser crab, and golden shark. The BOSS of this game is Lobster, which is also the highest-paying target. Killing Lobster causes a massacre in the game, as the death of the BOSS kills off the surrounding fishes, thereby causing an increase in your payout. Crab King is one of the most popular River Monster fish games. The game is also available on other platforms, including Bitbetwin.

Deepsea Volcamon

Deepsea Volcamon brings back the good old cannon shots in a style reminiscent of classic arcade games. In this game, you take a deep underwater adventure, searching for glory and treasure. But all you get are fish, crabs, tuna, sharks, octopuses, and whales. Don’t worry; the slew of underwater creatures are real money targets in disguise. Pick up your gun, aim, and shoot at any creatures swimming by. Of course, the more fish you kill, the more your money grows.

Ocean King 3

river monster fish games

Ocean King 3 is the third game in a series of games produced by IGS. If you have spent a lot of time in the online fish game scene, then you might have encountered the other series in this game. As the title implies, Ocean King is an underwater game, and your sole aim is killing the several underwater creatures you meet on your adventure. It is important to note that the fishes do not have the same value. The bigger and faster your target is, the more valuable they are. High-value targets are difficult to pick off, so you must adapt your strategy to kill them. 

Wild Shark

Wild sharks are some of the most dangerous deep sea creatures, but opportunity is in danger. In this game, you have an opportunity to make the oceans safe and earn real money while you’re at it.

Fire Kirin

online fish tables real money

If you have not played Fire Kirin, you have not cracked the surface of playing online fish tables real money games. Fire Kirin has everything you desire in an action-themed online game. It has excellent graphics, quality video and audio rendering, and a seamless interface. The game also has various bonuses and promotional offers to aid your gameplay. With the numerous bonuses available at Fire Kirin, you can expect to play this game for a long time. It is that addictive.

Pick the Best Fish Table Games By Using These Tips

Picking suitable fish table games can be a hassle, especially if you are new to the scene. While most games are engaging, others are different from what you seek. But do not be discouraged; there are ways to determine which fish table games are good, better, and best. And we will share those tips with you.

  1. Check the software provider
  2. The reputation of the online casino
  3. Play the demo version.

Now, let’s take them one by one.

Check the software provider.

Most of the popular online fish tables real money games are owned by reputable casino game software providers. These software providers built their reputations on providing high-quality games to casinos. If you are skeptical about which games to play online, checking the brand that owns the game might help you decide whether it is worth your while. Some of the best casino games software providers are NetEnt, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, etc.

The reputation of the online casino

The reputation of the casino you are playing at can help determine the quality of the games on their roster. For example, if you are playing at one of the popular online casinos like River Monster, then you can be sure their games will be up to standard.

River Monster fish games are one of the best in the industry. On their roster are games like Crab King, Deepsea Volcamon, and others. Other trusted online casinos with great casino welcome bonus offers are:

  • River Monster
  • Bitbetwin
  • Fire Kirin
  • RiverSweeps

As a bonus, you can also have a look at this detailed guide on choosing best online casino for fish games

Play the demo version.

Many online casinos offer newbies the opportunity to play their games without making a deposit. For example, most River Monster fish games are free for new gamers. This policy helps you evaluate the games and pick the ones that suit you best.


Luck is a fickle thing. We know it, you know it. Everyone knows it. So it is no surprise that online fish table games keep gaining more popularity. Compared to classic casino games, fish table games offer more opportunities for gamblers to win big money with relatively zero risk. With online fish tables real money games, you get to pick your odds and determine the amount you want to invest in the game. Also, the success or failure of your task depends on your skills. So why not play casino games now. 


How to win at fish tables online?

Fish table games are very straightforward. The best way to win fish tables online is to kill the high-value fish.

What fish game can you win real money?

You can win real money playing River Monster fish games like Crab King, Deepsea Volcamon, Fish Chopper, Caribbean Pirates, and Arc of Templar.

How do you play fish table for real money?

Play online fish tables real money by signing up for an account at River Monster online casino, depositing money in your gaming account, then starting to play the games.

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