How to Manipulate a Slot Machine?

Since the internet and search engines came into our lives, most online slot players have Googled the phrases like “how to cheat at slot machines” “online slot cheat codes” or “how to manipulate a slot machine.” It is a common topic that has been discussed for decades among players. People want to know how to manipulate a slot machine and determine whether it is possible. 

Slot machines have a long history dating back to the 19th century. We can surely say that there have been many instances where some sneaky players have tried and manipulated video slots.

But can those instances help you learn how to manipulate a slot machine even if the rivers sweepstakes games and software solutions become more sophisticated? We are here to find out. So, without further ado, let’s kick in with one of the most popular old-school slot machine tricks of all time. 

1. Coin Manipulation In Good Old Days of Slot Machines

If you have searched for slot machine tricks to beat the odds, or ways through how to manipulate a slot machine, coin manipulation is one of those old-school methods that you will find out. The land-based casino players used nylon wire and a simple chip for depositing money to perform this trick.

They tend to attach the wire to the chip. As soon as their deposit gets accepted, they pull back the coin and repeat the action until security personnel notices it. 

You might think that it should not be that hard to notice this action. But trust me, some players have made a fortune by using this tactic in the past.

However, once the casino platforms identified this trick, it became almost impossible to pull it off again. With today’s modern video slots, it is impossible to use the trick. The slot machines are designed completely differently, and they are not accepting chips as wager. 

These types of tactics were successful in the mechanical slots, but with the right security measures, sweepstakes parlors got rid of the fraudulent players and their winning strategies.

Nowadays, every online casino platform has cameras all over the place, and a special security crew is watching every act by players to make sure that they are not using any tricks to get the upper hand on the house. 

2. How to Manipulate a Slot Machine With Modern Slots? 

How to manipulate a slot machine

As the industry shifted from mechanical old-school slot machines to modern video slots, the innovative gaming fans did not hold back. So, they continued on creating new ways to cheat at these games. Instead, they tried to take advantage of the bugs that they could find to get the upper hand for one more time. 

The creation of new strategies and winning tricks started with the learning process about online slot machine software systems. They researched these software models and came up with new ideas. One of those creative ideas was about stopping the reels at the exact time when the desired combination comes up. 

The players who tried this method and try to learn how to manipulate a slot machine were calculating the odds and studying the reel to estimate a time that is needed to form a winning combo.

It is a strategy that involves a very quick reaction and fast decision-making skills. By using this method, you do not have room for error. For example, if you were to push the stop button one second late, the winning combination would not come your way. 

As the casinos learned about this trick, they managed to take preventative action. Therefore, they reduced the stop-the-reel feature to only one line out of three. These external preventions managed to solve the issue. This river monster hack or strategy took its place in the history books as one of the great ones. 

3. How to Slot Machine: Hacking the software

As the security measures got tighter, innovative players tried to utilize the software model of the video slot machines to cheat and they used rivermonster hack. There have been some instances that the players got help from insiders on hacking the software model and utilized this method to learn how to manipulate a slot machine. 

After doing that, they created a special combination through the buttons.  Through this rivermonster hack, whenever someone pressed those buttons consecutively, he/she would be able to win.

As soon as someone who does not know about this combination plays, the video slot machine will react regularly, and they will win or lose based on factors like luck and, of course, the Random Number Generator. 

This strategy helped some players to come on top but as soon as they got detected through security cameras, the land-based sweepstakes parlors updated the software and got rid of these fraudulent players. 

4. How to manipulate a slot machine: Taking Advantage of the Bugs

Taking Advantage of the Bugs

It is human nature to take advantage of these things to get better rewards, and the same applies to online gambling games. For decades, players tried to outsmart the online sweepstakes parlors by constructing new strategies to beat the house. 

Some of them became successful, and many of them just lost their money and moved on. You need to be aware of the potential risks before deciding to utilize a trick that would ultimately get caught. It is a matter of time until the platform security would detect you. From that point, there is nothing that you can do about it. 

Exploiting the bugs have been among the most popular tricks that modern slot machine and other sweepstakes game players utilize. For instance, in 2009, players in online roulette found out that whenever they play french roulette and make deposits, they can cancel the deposit right away and get their money back. 

The trick here was that the software accepts the deposit, and the game starts. However, you also manage to get back your funds. This bug was surely eliminated after the developers identified it which reduced the chances of players who are looking to learn how to manipulate a slot machine. 

5. Final Thoughts on How to Manipulate A Slot Machine

If you are among those players who want to learn how to manipulate a slot machine and win continuously, you have several options in front of you. You will either work on your gameplay and create reasonable winning strategies that are legal or, you will go on to find out the next slot game cheat and risk it all in order to take advantage of the system. The choice is yours. 


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