Slot Machine Tips that Help You Score a Win

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December 18th, 2020 Emma Williams

Slot machine tips might sometimes be the boost you need to win a critical game. Most such tips have been tried and true which resulted in them being passed down over the years. There are endless amounts of slot machine tips all over the internet, but not all of them work. Most tips are designed by casinos to encourage players to invest the most amount of money.

Well, that is not the case here. If you follow the tips and tricks to win at slot machines that we are going to discuss below, you will mostly be set to win big! Without further ado, let’s go over some slot machine tips that help you score a win!

1. Slot Machine Tips Know-hows

Before diving into a pool of slot machine tips, you should be familiar with a couple of key points. Firstly, across many countries, slot machines are one of the most popular casino games. In fact, in some areas, slot machines are rivaling table games and most players are making the obvious choice.

This rise in the popularity of slot machines is leading to an increase in many common questions. Questions such as “Is there a systematic way of beating slot games?” “How do you win at a slot machine?” and “Have others been able to beat slot machines?”. 

1.1 How to win at slot machines?

If you want to know the truth, it all depends on the matter of chance. Online slots are not like video poker or blackjack, meaning there are not any strategies designed to obscure the mathematical edge of the house. The odds of the slot machine never change. Put short, there isn’t anything legal you can do to change the outcome of the spin.

This has not stopped scam artists from trying to alter the outcome of each game. They have been successful up until they were caught. Which at most times, has led them to be prisoned. So, it is highly unrecommended that you try your hand at such tricks. 

But, you should not let your hopes of winning big down just yet through utilizing these slot machine tips. Because there are many slot machine tips that are designed to help you get the most out of your game. By following the slot machine tips below, you can rest assured that you are one step closer to scoring a big win. 

2. Higher Numbers Equal Higher Paybacks

slot machine tips

Just as with any investment system, when you invest a relatively high amount of cash in a slot machine, you are likely to receive a higher amount of winnings. This was the case when the slot floors were ruled by three-reel games and are still the case with the video slots taking all of the action. A simple example to prove this point would be to look at dollar slots in comparison to quarter slots.

The quarter slots have a lower payback percentage than their dollar counterparts. These quarter slots in return give higher percentages than nickel slots. The nickel slots will also be giving you a higher percentage than the penny slots. As you can see, it is a vicious cycle that keeps ongoing. But, this does not mean that you should jump into dollar slots right away. 

2.1 Which slots has higher payback percentage?

Do you wanna know why you shouldn’t be just running to dollar slots right away? Well, because some things are a little more important than your standard payback percentage. This could be something like what you want from your gameplay, and maybe even the entertainment value a game gives to you. You could be having the best time of your life in a slot game, but the payback would only be a couple of cents. At the same time, you could be playing the most boring slot game on the web with high percentage returns. 

Even if it comes down to a game about only dollars and cents, the higher denomination game is sure to mean a bigger bet and risk. Let’s say you bet 3 dollars on a 3 coin dollar slot which has a payback of 95 percent. In this case, your losses will be more money than betting forty cents in a forty line 1 cent game, which has a payback of 86 percent. 

3. Slot Machine Tips on Playing Progressive Slots

slot machine tips

Another great piece of advice that you might hear when it comes to slot machine tips is about progressive slots. But what exactly the fuss is about, needs to be explained in further detail. During a progressive slots game, every percentage of a wager is added to the jackpot. When it comes to a 3-reel slot machine, there is usually a single progressive jackpot in regards to top payoffs and if you want to be eligible you must bet the maximum coins. 

3.1 How picking the right game affects odds?

Let’s take for example a 3 coin dollar slot machine, if you take this as an example, then you should know that you won’t be able to win progressive slots if you are planning to only bet two or one coins. But, if you manage to land a top jackpot combination through the payline, it will bring a reduced payoff, but it will be with a fixed amount. 

However, If the topic is video slots, then progressive jackpots are most of the time, multi-tiered. The progressive levels on offer are anywhere from 12 to 2. The typical video slot machine you might come across is a four-tier progressive slot with the levels minor, mini, grand, major, gold, platinum, silver, bronze, or anything similar. 

Another great slot machine tips and strategies to win would be to play the video slots where all players are eligible to win the jackpots, even regardless of the size of their bets. But with others, you would have to place another separate bet if you want to be eligible for the jackpot. 

You can see jackpots as the icing on the cake when it comes to progressives. But besides the jackpots, such slots usually pay much less than other slots. 

3.2 What Do You Do?

So, you want the slot machine tips to win at progressive slots? Well, for starters do not go for a game that pays less. Double-check to see if the bets you are making is enough to make you eligible for a jackpot. If all fails, and you simply cannot afford the best, you can settle on a non-progressive slot game. 

4. Knowing Your Limits

slot machine tips

It’s no secret that no matter how much slot machine tips and tricks you research about, the majority of the slot machine sessions you enter will result in you losing money. The saddest part is that there will be literally nothing you can do to change this fact. This is a fact that cannot be avoided, and also is in the name of the game, gambling.

There will be times where you win big at slots, and there will be sometimes where you will be faced with losing. It is important to enjoy the times where you win. Winning is something you should make worthwhile. 

Well, most people already know the simple tip of enjoying their game, the important thing to remember from this is not overdoing something.

4.1 Does the risk worth it?

Simply put, never bet on the type of money you do not have to lose. It is one of the most known slot machine tricks. Playing with a wager that first, your bankroll is more than a tip or trick, it should be a rule of thumb for any gambler. It can sometimes be tempting and even addicting to go all in. 

Here are a couple of numbers to let you know what you should be up against when it comes to gambling. As a simple reminder, you need to know that the bankroll you have for online gambling needs to cover 250 bets. This will give you a 90 percent chance of staying in the game for three hours. 

4.2 Example

Take for example the chance of you walking into an online casino with 200 dollars to spend. You should already know that you do not have the chance of playing dollar slots. This should be the first beacon in how to win in a slot machine. If you decide to ignore this beacon and dive right into dollar slots, prepare to face a couple of displeasing outcomes. 

One of these outcomes will be a result of you losing 100 dollars right away in any given dollar river slots. It isn’t much you can do from this moment on. After such a defeat, your best bet would be to simply walk away. This will save you much effort and money.

If you decide to settle on the idea that you have just walked into the virtual casino, and do not feel like leaving right away, you will have to play in penny slots with the remainder of your money. This in itself already feels like a bummer, and you should try to avoid such a scenario at all costs. Facing such losses will only increase your odds of losing much-needed motivation.

Another part of such buffalo slot machine tips comes from the fact that a slot machine will not give you the opportunity to place many bets in combination forms. You could do such bets in roulette or craps, but not in sweepstakes machines. Even in blackjack, you could take advantage of even-shifting odds like the card counters. Whichever the case, the players of slot machines have tried many options and systems to alter the play and shift it in their favor for many generations. Most have failed, but some have achieved the perfect formula. 

5. Starting Small So You Can Win Big

slot machine tips

Ever heard of the phrase “slow and steady wins the race”? This can also be attributed to monster slot machine tips. You can expect this to help you approach any game setting and come out successful. Even if you do not win big right away, you can rest assured that you will not be leaving your pockets empty.

Any player that calls him or herself a pump primer knows that the wins in slot machines do not come right away. They tend to start small and move their way up to big wins. Once getting the hang of the game by utilizing these monster slot machine tips, you can expect to be winning big when the time comes. 

It is mostly a physiological trend that leads players to assume they have only one shot at winning big, and that is the first game. But in reality, you have the same odds of winning early or later on in the game.

Even in some cases, starting a small game will cause you to be somewhat prepared to either lose or win big at the start. The important thing to remember is that your payback percentage is the same no matter the amount you have placed at every spin. 

Some players have tried this idea by testing many systems. In one try, a player tried to prime their pump by stepping their bets up in a regular style. By the end of five trials, he had one win and four losses. This can be considered a normal game, even if you are not betting high. 

6. Final Thoughts on Slot Machine Tips

You might have come across many slot machine tips reddit to help you win at the game, and there will be many more that you will see in the future. Some of them will help, some of them won’t. But the important thing to remember is that there is no concrete one-time solution or slot machine tips to always win.

The reason for this is that because of their popularity, top online casinos, more specifically slot machines are constantly evolving. Developers are finding newer ways of altering gameplay and outcomes. The important thing to do would be to remember a few and important rules of thumb.

Casino slot machine tips such as avoiding excessive betting, knowing your limits, and doing thorough research are all important ideas. No matter the direction you take, and the casino slot machine tips you settle on, one important tip remains. It does not matter what the outcome of your game was, it is always to remember that games are about having fun, so if you have not had fun in a particular game, even after you have won, it means that you have failed to truly win the essence of the game. 


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